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New Fender Guitars
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Author New Fender Guitars
OK. So I have -

Squier Strart 2000 China made.
Fender Tele 1997 Mex Standard.
Ibanez artcore AF65
Fender 70s P Bass reissue 1995 Japan
Charvel Model 1 P Bass style Japan

Have owned alot of others -

Yamaha Rex4 Bass
Yamaha P Bass
Squier P/J Special 1994
Fender Active Jazz 1998
Fender Musicmaster bass 1977
Epiphone Les Paul 1980
Charvel Model 4 1989
Fender Jaguar 1998

and more.

Anyway I just bought one of these for £400 on the off chance as I wanted a "proper" strat. rd-in-vintage-blonde
Its amazing.

Just so nice makes all my other guitars past and present feel bad. Made in mexico, looks great, sounds great acoustic and amped up.

Just thought I would post this as if you are looking at the new fenders, well this model anyway, and thinking, might go vintage, is it any good, are the modern ones sounding feeling right.


Only one past or present near it is the Japan P Bass (CIJ) The Charvel Model 1 also is nice.

Anyway just a well done to Fender. And as a vintage synth/guitar head in general, well and truely shocked and please.[/b]
Oh yes - once you get past their cheaper models they make some really amazing instruments.
The new Eric Johnson Thinline Strat intrigues me.
I was seriously taken aback by the quality. Its a fantastic instrument.

Just didnt expect it, which always makes it better. Also I lucked out at half price ish, but a second hand 90s mex strat is same money and I have a tele which is 90s mex. NO COMPARISON to this beauty.
Great players are great players (as guitars go I mean). I recall a number of guitar players scoffing at a MIJ 50th Anniversary Thinline I picked up in the 90’s.

Funny how often I’m offered more than I paid when I put it in for a setup every few years. Enjoy the quality and playability I say!!
thispoison wrote:
Great players are great players (as guitars go I mean).

Agreed but its made nicer and more inspiring by your instrument
Apologies - I agree - I meant the "great player" as the guitar, not the ego wielding it!
hit & miss.... mostly overpriced junk. just like Gibson. meh
I just got a Fender Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster for cheap and it's pretty amazing!

I like almost all Fenders... the only ones I'm not really a fan of are the American Standards (though that name might have recently changed, not sure). It's really just a personal preference, but I really can't stand that sort of weird, plastic-y feeling matte finish they put on the necks.

I think the MIM models are f'n great (especially for the money), and the AVRI models are absolutely fantastic. Just as good as the Custom Shops if you ask me, albeit without the silly pre-distressing razz
Ron Thorn of Thorn Guitars announced today he accepted a Master Builder position with Fender and is thus retiring his own company: ars-hello-fender-custom-shop.1936918/

Some nice Tele- and Strat-style guitars on his website:
Summa wrote:
I just got a Fender Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster for cheap and it's pretty amazing!

i got a squier vintage mod 60s jm (iirc the exact model) and yeah its a great one. not the same as playing a 58 but still very nice. i switched the tremolo out for a locking american jm trem, and put in a graphite nut and stringtrees like i always do, but it was just personalizing it. was already great when i got it

and it was cheaper than most of my modules! Miley Cyrus
popvulture wrote:
without the silly pre-distressing razz
if i ever get to where im making guitars i think are nice enough to sell, im gonna pre distress all of em.
not majorly, just so none of my customers ever hafta worry about the first scratch hihi
well i have a bunch of chinese squires. and once i was thru souping 'm up (better pickup, tuning heads, nut, potmeters) they are really nice.
i wonder if these new ones have decent machine heads. i mean pickups are largely a matter of taste. but cheap machine heads is something nobody needs.
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