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Roland System 100 vs. SH-5?
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Author Roland System 100 vs. SH-5?
Hi all, new to the forum and new to modular synthesis.

I have opportunity to acquire Roland System 100 (complete set) for good price, but I already have a Roland SH-5.

My question is -- what can System 100 do that SH-5 cannot (ie, 100 can do filter FM, SH-5 can't... what else)?

How many extra modulation possibilities/sound design options does the System 100 provide vs. SH-5 via its patch points?

Just trying to understand how much the System 100 opens up the sonic palette vs. SH-5, other than it not having the SH-5 bandpass filter.
most obvious answer is you gain flexibility in the patching options and ability to combine it with other modular gear/euro/etc. but also, you're going to get two adsr's instead of ar/adsr with the sh5. I'm not certain (and a quick google produced no results) but I think the system 100 uses a 24 db/oct lp filter; I know the sh5 is 12 db/oct. there's definitely a difference there, if it is indeed a 24 db/oct filter. 100 lacks the state variable filter and the awesome band pass filter of the sh5, so it'd be worth keeping around too, more than likely.

I'd say get it if you can, compare 'em and see if it stands up. if not, you'll have fun testing it out. SlayerBadger!
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