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BOME MTP Analog Rytm Mutes recording & automation
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Author BOME MTP Analog Rytm Mutes recording & automation
I made this template for Bome MIDI Translator Pro. It converts the MIDI CC sent out when you mute or unmute tracks on the Analog Rytm into MIDI notes on channel 1 of BMT's virtual MIDI out, and sends mutes back to the Rytm from your software sequencer.

This way you can record, edit and play back your muting actions on a single MIDI channel and visualise the muting as MIDI notes. Note on unmutes a track and note off mutes it.

You need to create a MIDI track and set its input to Bome MIDI Translator Virtual out on channel 1 and output to BomeMIDI Translator Virtual In on channel 1, and give it at least 25ms negative delay. You also need to ensure those ports are enabled in your DAW's preferences. On the Rytm: Enable CC transmission and enable MIDI out for the mutes .

If you use the Rytm with a MIDI interface and not USB, you'll need to edit the template. I'm still working on a Mac so if on Windows the name of the Rytm's USB MIDI port comes up different you'll also need to edit the template. Y
You can probably achieve the same result on one MIDI track by just using Scenes on the Rytm but this sends out MIDI CCs which are a royal PITA to edit in Live.

Included is an Ableton Drum Rack. Put that on the same MIDI track, and then you can see your muting actions on the piano roll with all the Rytm track names, just use the Fold function to hide other notes.


PS I do go out sometimes
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