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Autosampling software. Can I get some opinions?
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Author Autosampling software. Can I get some opinions?
electrik noize
Looking to get a software package for autosampling the modular. I'm on a mac
and the only thing I've come up with is SampleRobot

This looks pretty robust, but the price is a bit steep at around $270.
Just wonder if anyone can vouch for this or other options.

small edit: Looks like Apple of all things has an Autosampler built into
Mainstage. And is only $30. This might be the way to go to get my feet wet
with this.
Scot Solida
I haven’t used the Mainstage version (you’ve just reminded me to grab it), but the pre-Apple Autosampler was indispensable during the decade or so that I was producing samples for Computer Music’s cover discs. A great program. I hope it still is. w00t

Oh, and SampleRobot was good last time I checked it out, though the Mac version felt very much like a wrapped Windows program. Worked well enough, though.

Another option worth checking out is Steinberg’s HALion sampler. The latest top-of-the-line version has an excellent autosampling function built-in. I highly recommend giving that one a go.
electrik noize
Scot, thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely look into Steinberg's offering. Probably gonna pick up Mainstage anyway as the price is hard to beat.
I use MainStage - only got it for Autosampler. It’s fantastic! I’m really happy with the instruments it produces - the auto looping is just unbelievable regarding how good it is ! It saves so much time - with round robin, velocity curves, variable numbers of semitones sampled, cropping the samples, looping, etc. I’m really pleased with it - when I have a patch I am happy with I often grab it with Autosampler ! It’s really cheap as well....

The major problem for me was that it only produces exs24 files. I use Kontakt. Unfortunately, for a few years now, Kontakt will not import the exs24 files generated by MainStage without crashing (older versions will convert it ok - this took me months to get to the bottom of).
electrik noize
I am planning on using the exs24 files in Ableton with Sampler. Hopefully that won't be an issue hmmm.....
I hope it works too! I use Ableton (but only the non-suite version) - may upgrade this year - bit undecided, but if I do, I hope the exs24s work in Sampler too!
Proteus 3 did that but I haven't installed it for quite some time..
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