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Woggle Bug Modular & Acoustic
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Author Woggle Bug Modular & Acoustic

I would like to know, how do you process for syncing LFO with Clock with an external clock please? ( It easy when Woggle Bug drive a master clock but LFO & Clock have an interact together. Syncing Clock in on the Woggle Bug is not a problem, but LFO?

My objectif is send a Signal Audio Acoustic in Disturb 1or 2 for get an interaction between Modular and Acoustic. ( Drums, piano ect...)

I hope your understand my question! eek!

Thanks thumbs up
Drive Clock In with the square wave of an LFO and it should gate the sample and hold controlling the Stepped voltages just the same as a clock.

Unlike the Make Noise version, which derives the Smooth output by slewing the Stepped,the Smooth output is independent, and cannot be synced to anything, but due o the recursive nature of the module, it's behaviour can certainly be influenced.

For the last question, you need to use an envelope follower to generate a DC voltage from an audio one, the simple AR envelopes in the Classic VCO or Waveform City will work. Feed the audio source into the input, and the A and R times will change how the DC signal follows the signal. An RMS to DC converter would be better. I can supply a design if you can DIY it.
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