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DIY MP7 'fully loaded'
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Author DIY MP7 'fully loaded'
2018_09_03 fully loaded
2018-08-22 Accepting Orders Closed
2018-08-15 only 6 more days to order
2018-08-12 midi in and trigger out soundtrack
2018-08-07 BOM update
2018-08-02 Midi In and Extending time to buy
2018-07-30 Major Update 2
2018-07-25 Major update
2018-07-25 External Trigger In functional
All sounds Functional
2018-07-16 New sounds
2018-06-28 Debug Sound file published
2018-06-28 Accepting Orders
2018-06-28 Planning Update
2018-06-12 A Perfect Fit
2018-06-03 Proto PCBs arrived
2018-05-19 Proto PCBs ordered
2018-05-15 Prices received
2018-04-21 RFQ placed
2018-04-14 FP finalized
2018-04-13 Update Proto Routed
Hello all,

I've split the DIY Minipops Clone thread into Minip7 and MP7.
One another to avoid missunderstandings.

This thread will hanlde MP7 'Fully Loaded' version which is an analog Clone of the original but with many expantions like external triggers, seperate audio out etc...

The picture on the right is the most recent and has slight modifs compared to the FP render on the left.

All information of this project can be found at:
Here you can find the whole development process, soundfiles, PCB renders etc.
hello all,

this post to let you know I started working again on the MP7 'fully loaded' version.
Current status is:
all components on PCB
next is to fine tune component placement
route the board
ask for prices
in the mean time run prototyping
I'll keep updating about the progress.

Fully loaded, what does it mean ?
The same sequencer as in the MiniP7
All of the Minipops7 instruments.
Inputs for
Clock In
Sync In
Midi In
Trigger for each instrument. (levels 5 V to 18V)
All inputs with basic ESD protection by a 100pF cap.

Clock Out
Sync Out
Trigger out for each instrument (selectable 5V or 12V)
Main Audio out.
Individual instrument outputs (Mono jack necessary)
Automatic rerouting of output signal to respective jack interrupting the audio from that instrument to the Main Output.
All outputs with basic ESD protection by a 100pF cap.

All of the above on 1 PCB, no additional module for triggers needed anymore.


Nice to see you again.
The specs for the MiniP7 look good!

Is it possible you refer to the specs of the MP7 ? not MiniP7 ?
The previous screendump is the MP7.
I assume the former is a 4PPQ signal whereas Sync is like Sync24 or Sync48, is that right?

CLK is 1 puls per 16th note or 12th note (16 or 12 counts in a measure)
SYNC resets the Rhythm beat counter back to 0, this can be assynchronous.
Both occurences at the same time will reset the measure back to the beginning and play the first 16th of the measure (the first 16th note of beat 1)
Do some of the I/O share sockets?

Yes, All Trigger In are on the Tip, Trigger Out are on the first Ring.
Same for the CLock and Sync.
Does insterting an external trigger for an instrument override the internal sequencer?

No, the internal Sequencer stays connected. The external Trigger is ORed with the internal trigger.

The components in between the Jacks are level shifters and Diode OR gates.
This means that one needs stereo plugs for the trigger In and Out. Which now makes me realise that I have to foresee a short circuit protection on the outputs.
You mentioned some potential grounding-related problems before regarding the use of certain sockets;
did you find a particular socket that worked for your application or did you find a workaround?

It's all done with work arounds. This also has te advantage that the output levels can be different (higher) then the internal signals going to the final preamp.

These components are added compared to the initial render of the MP7 and provide selecting audio at the respective jack while at the same time supressing that instrument to the main output.
The ring of the Jack is used as a switch with the GND of the plug. Thus using a mono plug for the audio is a necessity.
Glad to see the slipt of threads since this where im watching hyper
Looking great!
Hello, just a small update.

work is progressing.
Still some PCB routing to be done.
Status update.

PCB completely routed with current Schematic.
Need some small schematic modifs and then update PCB for proto ordering.

Some numbers: motherboard only, keyboard not included in the numbers.
PCB dimentions : 178 x 110 mm
Nr of different nets : 523
Nr of Components : 798
Total routed Net Length : 14,798.96 mm

Below some screendumps of the MP7proto with FrontPanel

All feedback welcome.

I think it looks really classy applause
That looks awesome!
Looking great!

Glad that you have included trigger inputs and outputs and individual instrument outs.

Looking forward to this project.
exciting hyper
Hello all,

as this design has little less then 800 SMD components, I'm going to have the prototypes being assembled by robot.

Request For Quote has been placed and reply is expected in about 1.5-2 weeks.
I'll then order 5 pieces to start debugging and Beta-testing.
If that's ok, I'll put a kit price online.

B rgds,
Looking great! What does the instrument sliders control?
hi Boogie,

amazing project sounding outragous applause
mark me highly interested
Hello all,

Sorry for being away not replying to your remarks for a while.

@ ayab
well, many have asked for it, so I had to give in.
It did cost quite some components for the level shifter and basic ESD protection, but I think it's worth the effort.

@ NS4W
thanks for following this project.
For the sliders, pls have a look at the first render 7 posts before yours.
The balance balances between BD on one side and Cymbals and HiHat on the other side. All are always there, but can be suppressed or emphesized depending on the position of the slider. Most sound samples in the original thread
have the balance about in the middle.

@ sicpaul
thanks for following this project.
I'll add you to the list
Hello all,

seems my subcontractor needed quite some more time then expected to come up with some prices.
I received the quote for the populated PCBs only today.

I'll try to come up with some price settings during the next days.

B rgds,
Proto PCBs for the MP7 are ordered.

That is an awesome rendering screaming goo yo
Hello all,

The MP7's proto PCBs have arrived. Rockin' Banana!

Having designed the Clap'aTrap' this weekend (A Simmons analog ClapTrap clone), I didn't have enough time left to work on them.
Clap'a'Trap Thread here :

Unfortunately, I'm on a businesstrip till june 8th, so I won't be able to work on them in the coming week.

I'll keep you up to date as the project progresses.

nanners nanners nanners
Looking cool!
very exited about this. fantastic work !
with those smd parts its probably hard to modify the instruments (extra pitch control etc.) ?
would an optional golden frontpanel like the MiniP7's be possible ?

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