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Author Crusher-X
Does anyone here have experience with Crusher-X? If so, would you mind describing your experience with it?

After years of lurking, i finally bought it a few months ago and I'm not disappointed. It's a powerful sound design tool with very specific parameters (for instance the 'diffusion' one = individual grain reverb). At first the internal automation path is not so intuitive and you need to practice... but it's rewarding. I use it as much as effect as to prepare raw material / loops to edit edit later.
Sweet! Yeah the interface looks pretty intimidating but I think I'm gonna take the dive as well Guinness ftw!
Quota Earl
Hey cool. I have used an old version of the Crusher since the early 2000s. Lots of redeyed hours put in on it. I had trouble getting anything that I could actually use in a song out of it. I use it mainly at the longest and shortest grain sizes and birth rates. The only time I have used it in a recording I loaded a drum loop I made into it and used very small grain sizes to distort it. I had searched for a newer version when I got a new pc not long ago and could not find anything, so thank you for letting me know a new hopefully improved version is around. woah
v7 is in the pipe :
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