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Colors for synths -Preamps and such ?
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Author Colors for synths -Preamps and such ?
Looking for things that color synth sounds well.
Hoping for 500 series recommendations.
Thanks !
DIY:RE Colour is a great place to start, so many options:

You can also get the Black Market colour palette which holds colour cards, if you have some rack space left in your modular:

The Elysia Karacter would also be a great choice, very modern sounding, but lot's of different colours available:
Any channel strip over a preamp?
Portico 542
Chandler Little Devil
The Grump
My late friend Frank Heiss turned me onto colorizing tones with preamps. He used to use a Mesa Tri-Aaxis guitar pre to get all kinds of awesome tones out of an MPC3000 and a Waldorf Pulse+. I've gotten some pretty cool results with a Hughes and Kettner BATT.

If I had the budget, I'd get a Warm Audio WA273-EQ, and populate a Heritage MCM8 lunchbox with a pair of Elysia M-pressor 500's, a pair of API 550-B's, a pair of Lindell PEX-500's, and an SSL G-Comp. Sadly, I do not, but I hope to some day soon. If you're looking for the top shelf, those are on it.
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