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ESX-8MD no longer responding
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Author ESX-8MD no longer responding
So I have an ES-8, ES-6, ES-5, and ESX-8MD.

ES-6 connected to ES-5. Audio set to 48kHz in Ableton.

ES-5 connected to ES-8. Dip switch in default position (Channels 7/8)

ESX-8MD connected to channel 3 on ES-5.

Up until today, all of this working fine.

First check that ES-5 is working using SW Sync plugin:
Create a midi track with EXT Out set to channels 7/8. Add SW Sync. Set the clock output to 1/1 and get the clock pulse on 1st light. Setting gate output to 1/2 turns on second light pulse, etc.

Now try and get the ESX-8MD midi clock output working.
Load the the ES-5 controller plugin to same track with Midi Out Output set to Gate 3/1. Up until yesterday, I had clock coming out of first midi port on ESX-8MD (light on and flashing softly) but now nothing. I tried physically changing to channel 2 connector on ES-5 but no improvement. Put it back to channel 3.

When I power on the case all the midi lights turn on for a second, so power is fine. I went back and checked all the cables to ensure they were attached firmly. Intellijel 4U case has plenty of power to run these modules.

Can't seem to figure out what it might be. I'm using Ableton 9.7.6. on a MacBook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.4. Maybe there's some other setting on the ES-5 plug-in I'm missing?
So I think I found the culprit.

If I go into Audio/Midi Setup in OSX and change the clock from internal to ADAT and back again, things seems to have reset themselves. I really have no idea why but it's back to behaving normal again.
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