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Buchla Lem 208 Midi In not working
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Author Buchla Lem 208 Midi In not working
I know that people have problems with MIDI on Easel, but all the photos and suggestions how to fix it looks different on my LEM 208. Just bought it via Buchla USA and tried different hardware and midi channels but still cant hook up a keyboard nor other gear to control my LEM.

Here is the photo of the inside... would really appreciate any suggestion or help. Thanks so much!

Are you trying to send MIDI to the 208? If so that will not work. You must have a 218e, 225e or 225h to patch MIDI to the 208.
Right seems you need to have 218 to convert pitch CV and pulses to 208.
Just got reply from Buchla as well. That's really pity but anyway thanks for help!
Any basic midi to CV/gate converter + Synovatron GTpulse to get the Buchla pulse needed for the EG sustained/transient switch will do the job.
If the converter doesn't output 1.2V/oct, Synovatron also offers the CV1.2 element.
Or the CVGT1 eurorack module. r-cv12.html
That's a great hint with the Synovatron!
Thanks so much! Might be actually what I need before I get the 218!
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