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CD Burner and CD Label?
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Author CD Burner and CD Label?
Mind Flayer
I am thinking about putting out some music on CD. I haven’t used a cd burner since probably 2010 or so. I’ve heard that a lot of CDs that were burned using the common burners or the ones built into macs and PCs back then haven’t held up so well (ie, often no longer work or skip a lot).

Anybody know of good burners and what type and brand of CD would be good these days? Searched this forum but didn’t find much, and most of what I found on google seems outdated.

Also, back then, people used to print labels and stick them onto the CDs, and the labels would often come off due to the heat in the cd player. So what’s a good way to do get the discs themselves labeled with some basic graphics? Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I’d just prefer not to have “Sony” or whatever plastered all over the disc.
Probably easier just to use Easy Disc or whatever duplication/printing service at like $1.50-2.00 ea. Harder part will be finding people who actually want CDs...
Mind Flayer
Thanks, I hadn’t heard of Easydisc. Looks like a good option. And yeah, I understand most people have no interest in CDs!
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