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Plugins for chords?
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Author Plugins for chords?
Looking for a plugin that will offer chords based on a chosen scale and root note, with controls that can be mapped to Push for selecting chords with an encoder and applying them on specific steps when step sequencing....
Any ideas?
do you need a plugin, or could you just use a midi effect? I guess the tricky part would be applying the midi chord effect during step sequencing. I think you can map whether those notes turn into chords if you mess around with some macros on push.
How about Xfer Cthulhu from the maker of Serum? Some demos on YouTube too.
i recently bookmarked a thread on reddit that has some nice options. ne_know_vsts_like_cthulhu_that_help_with/

i only have cthulu which is great, but not very push friendly
Check out JS: IX/MIDI_KeySnap. The text files controlling the scales are located in REAPER\Data\ix_scales. You can add or edit those.

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Tim Lairy
you could use the ableton chord device inside a rack and use the chain selector to choose the chain with or without the chord device..per step..?
I think Isotonik Studios may have something for Push.
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