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Ground and bananas and Easel and Reaktor
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Author Ground and bananas and Easel and Reaktor
Hi! I'm on the fence about buying an easel vs. a shared system or other eurorack as my first modular. I hope to interface it with Reaktor via cv from a DC coupled audio output.

Can someone explain the Buchla grounding setup? Would sending cv out from the computer and audio into the computer via the same audio interface create ground issues? Is getting the cv from the computer into the easel as easy as a 1/4" to banana adapter, or is there more to it? With an easel and Bob expander, would I have the ability to sync the easel's sequencer to my DAW, send envelopes, pitch and gate info from the computer? What is my n00b-ness missing in this equation?

I know stones are going to get thrown at me here at the Buchla forum


Get a Shared System & the Arturia Buchla Easel software.

If you weren't already computer based, my response would be different....
I feel I should chime in here even though I won't be addressing your question. Easel vs. Shared System seems like a logical debate. However, these two a very different systems. I own both, so I feel that I am qualified to give my opinion. First, the Shared System is absolutely, without a doubt, modular. You can pretty much patch anything anywhere. On the other hand, the Easel isn't really modular. There is some patching available, but it is not as feely configurable as the Shared System. You really get tons of functionality with the Shared System that the Easel cannot match without adding extras. However, the Easel feels, to me, more like a fine musical instrument rather than a collection of modules. That's not to say that the Shared System feels like a collection of modules. It is just very different.

I would suggest to someone debating between the two to go download the Arturia Easel demo. It will give you a taste of what the Easel is about. To get a taste of euro modular, download vcvrack. This is an excellent *free* modular program for the computer which is based largely on eurorack.

Both the Easel and Shared Systems are pretty hefty investments. I think playing with the software mentioned above can help you make a better decision between the two and avoid possible frustration later on.
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