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PalmOS and Midi...
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Author PalmOS and Midi...
So I scored a Tungsten T3 Palm Pilot from a friend and have already been cranking out cheesy acid tracks with Microbe.

As far as I can tell I am screwed for a midi interface.

Early Palm units had serial compatibility, so could use that. But my newer one doesn't.

Is there any hope for synching to or from it? What about bluetooth?
It's been a long time, but I don't think there's much you can do for syncing to the outside world. The only thing I was able to do was some basic tracker type sequencing, only playing some meager internal sounds, pretty useless actually.

I have a box full of palm hardware and cables, but don't make me dive into it.
Yeah I probably still have mine somewhere, along with my Handspring Visor or whatever it was called. You cant do a damn thing with it outside of the Palm itself. The only reason they had serial ports in the "old days" was so you could sync it with the Palm Desktop software but thats all it did. The "serial compatibility" just meant the interface for the dock you had to plug it into to sync it used a serial port. That went out the door and it was all USB after that, but it still only connected to the computer through the dock, which uses the port at the bottom of the device.

I still have an Apple Newton I found in a file cabinet at work too hah. You should see THAT dinosaur.
That's a shame.

Digging around in Bhaji's Loops I found there is an option to split the stereo signal to a a mono signal + clock.

Similar to the way my OP1 runs in PO sync mode.

Gonna try it out with my modular over the weekend.
I made a MIDI interface for my Palm IIIxe and had some simple sequencer software for it.

The interface was ridiculously simple to build. Something along the lines of bolting a MIDI socket to a serial socket back-to-back and then connecting a couple of the pins with diodes if I remember correctly..
Here's what I was using:
There was a website back in the day with all kinds of info about hacking the serial port of the palm devices, but have no idea if it's still up or what it was called.
nangu wrote:
Here's what I was using:

Thats kinda cool! Theres the catch at the end though.. Doesn't work with any of the ones that use USB docks, which is gonna be a Tungsten for sure (I used to have to buy and support them on top of everything else for our users at work when those and Blackberrys were still in fashion heh). And even the older ones, note it says not all of them have full RS232 compatibility..

Seeing as how it won't work with the USB ones, Im guessing Palm just changed the whole protocol at that point for the proprietary dock connector used and it was USB all the way from the Palm to the PC?
I wasn't saying that any of this was a good idea. Even at the time..

It's always tempting to do things that are possible just because they're possible..

A mid 90's drum machine like the Roland/Boss DR-660 offers much better sequencing features than the Palm software. No note durations, but otherwise it can do things that work well. Probably costs roughly the same as the Palm software now. And it would also have the side-effect of being a drum machine..
Bhajis Loops and microbe is free now. I quite like the shItty lofi resonance from the filters on these apps. Bhajis has chord modes, humanization, scales, randomisation, parameter automation and note duration among others.

(Posted from my BlackBerry w00t )
i really hope you find a way to implement MIDI and post a video
Here's a copy of the info I used to build the connector to output midi from a Palm 3x (using serial port)
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