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FM Composer
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Author FM Composer
Thought this deserved its own thread. I've been playing with it for about five days, (while working even Ninja and have made five little FM tunes (ala Mega Drive / Adlib) and it has been ridiculous fun. The author is a really nice guy too. It's free, very easy to use (Tracker style, except with nice context menus, and other modern touches) and just fun. The instrument editor is nice, and there's also a piano roll editor, and multiple export options. (I requested a multi-track wave export, which the author is looking into.) w00t I haven't had time to play with my Digitone lately, so this has filled in nicely while I'm stuck in front of a computer. Just pop it up on my third monitor, and enter a few notes between other tasks. This is fun!

If you like OPL / YM style FM, trackers, chip-tunes, etc. give it a try. Here are a few things I made with it:

Playlist doesn't work embedded. Here's a link:
Ooh, nifty. Another one, which I like (I tend to prefer working with direct emulations of the sound chips from vintage consoles/computers rather than abstractions) is TFM/VGM Music Maker:
Nice! I'll check those out too! I also like FamiTracker for the NES style sound, as well, though I usually would use hardware in that case. (pulse oscillators, etc.) I haven't really used a tracker in years, but FM Composer was just so usable from the start that I hopped right in and started writing things with very little effort.

Ha! Pouet! My favorite! w00t I've been watching demos since the 80s on the C64. Nice to see a place like that mentioned from time to time.
This looks great! I'll have to try it in Wine. Interested in triggering it with MIDI!
this looks great, thanks. Shame it's windows only but I'm planning on getting a pc soon for various things so look forward to trying this out when I've got it set up.

Any thoughts on the FM sound compared to dexed for example? It looks quite powerful with pitch envs for each operator and configurable algorithm. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's any commands in the sequencer to address the fm parameters, which would be fun...What are the other waveforms besides sine?
i feel like this is a great substitute for purchasing a hardware FM synth. because it's so deep it's probably a good learning tool for people that are patient.
Thanks for posting this! w00t
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