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Es-5 SW Sync problem - Output 8 behaving strangely
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Author Es-5 SW Sync problem - Output 8 behaving strangely
Hi - strange issue here with new ES-5 (driven from ES-8, tried using ES-8 via ADAT and via USB with the same result). I have been trying to use multiple instances of SW Sync (in Cubase 9.5 on High Sierra) to derive multiple outputs on ES-5.

I tried using instances of SW Sync on a stereo audio track in Cubase, and setting SW Sync to ES-5 mode. This seems to work ok with respect to addressing the correct gate channels on the ES-5, however whenever ES-5 mode is engaged on one or more of the SW Sync plug ins, Output 8 of the ES5 lights up - on further inspection (via O'Toole+) I can see that CH8 is actually making some high frequency wave.

Everything is at unity gain and going via a stereo track via either ADAT/USB - same thing happens both ways. Any ideas?

SW ES-5 Controller works as expected (Sadly on a Cubase audiotrack it only seems to take two inputs so I can only use one SW sync there). Using SW ES-5 Controller, Output 8 on the ES-5 doesn't do anything, unless I want it to smile

Could there be some issue with the VST SW Sync in ES-5 mode under Cubase 9.5?

Can Os or anyone advise/confirm?

There is something odd that Cubase does, which messes up passing signals between multiple plug-ins driving an ES-5. Some kind of dithering or something, and it has the effect you describe. I've never quite got to the bottom of it.

Sadly on a Cubase audiotrack it only seems to take two inputs so I can only use one SW sync there

Not quite sure what you mean. Could you clarify?
Thanks for the prompt response, Os.

To get around this issue I was trying to use two SW Sync instances in normal hardware mode on a single audio track, then tie these together with SW ES-5 controller.

I tried to have the first SW Sync plug to output on OP1/2 and the second on OP3/4, then route these to ES-5 gates as ‘usual’ in SW ES-5 controller.

However i could only the signals that we’re routed via OP1/2 (ie routed to SW ES-5 Controller inputs 1/2) to work, I think insert FX on a stereo audio track in Cubase perhaps only have 2 outputs/inputs available (output 1/2 of SW sync, input 1/2 of SW ES-5 controller)?

I guess it might be different on an instrument track, 5.1 track or similar?
I see. Could you get two more channels into the ES-5 Controller via a sidechain?
Perhaps, I’ll give it a go. From memory I wasn’t aware that there was a VST3 SW Es-5 Controller with a SC input?

Just checking in to say, I tried a few workarounds here and couldn't get this much better. In fact the individual audiostreams seem to apply this 'dither' between SW plugins in Cubase whatever I do. This means that some conceivable configurations (e.g. using ES-5 Controller inputs to gates) won't work anyway (since an output with low gate is affected by the signal, meaning you don't get a proper low gate condition).

I think the way to get this working in Cubase for Gate 1-7 is to not use the ES-5 Controller 'Input to Gates' controls at all. Therefore:

- put all the SW Sync controllers and SW ES-5 Controllers on one audio track.
- SW Sync instances should be in ES-5 mode, choose your output gates (not audio outputs) on the Clck and Run Output controls.
- SW ES-5 Controllers should have 'Through 1/2' enabled
- Don't plug anything into output gate 8 on the ES-5.

This approach keeps the spurious signal and gate behaviour to Output 8. Frustrating to lose one gate output but there we have it.

Os - might it be worth writing this up somewhere for Cubase users? Getting this working has been a bit of a pain here.

PS no idea why this signal gets added, it doesn't even look like dither to me and isn't autoblacked. Something to do with VST3 spec and sleeping plugins?
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