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Mind Against & Aether - Eclipse [LEAD SOUND]
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Author Mind Against & Aether - Eclipse [LEAD SOUND]
Hey guys!
I wonder if some of you can explain to me how to make that chiliing Lead sound that you can hear in this song:

I try to learn synthesis with my Elektron A4. Would it be possible to make such a sound on it (besides the effects)?

I would need a rather detailed description but i am familiar with waveforms, ADSR, LFO┬┤s and so on... i just want to know how to "build" that sound on a synth like the A4.

Thank you in advance and greez from austria!
You could spend forever (and a lot of money) trying to recreate that or any other synth sound if you don't know what gear was used to make it. Just come up with your own sounds! I guess (and it's just a guess) that sound was probably made with a soft synth or a modular, and then processed. I don't think the A4 can go there from what I've heard.
I just wanted some help and inspiration on how to get close to this sound... Obviously i also make my own sound since i spend a lot of time on my A4 and other gear....

I mean this sound sounds kind of something one could create using FM synthesis or?. I just need some help on selecting the waveform on the oscillators and how to use the envelopes and LFOs, best case something like a tutorial for the A4 since it has 2 VCOs end everything basic needed for synthesis...

I guess something like that:
FM synth tutorial
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