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Audacity on Macs with latest updates
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Author Audacity on Macs with latest updates
Apple has announced that 32-bit version of any software will no longer work on Macs beginning later on this year. I notice that when I ran Audacity last night that it is, indeed, NOT 64-bit and read on the Audacity website that they do not have a 64-bit version.

Will this mean that Audacity will no longer be supported on the Mac platform with the latest OS installed?
It'll still work if you don't upgrade the OS. And I'm not sure that they're (apple) actually going to kill 32 bit apps cold - from what I've read that's still undecided, they may leave in a way to run them.

There are probably quite a few people like me who have a boatload of 32 bit apps that I'm not giving up on just to upgrade - maybe apple will get the message about that.
I'm not looking forward to switching to Windows but Apple is no longer a sustainable choice. I am sick and tired of seeing "Stop" signs over app icons every time I am forced to update the OS because I want to run some new app that does not work with the previous OS... for no real reason other than Apple wanting to force you to update into their increasingly closed system, by arbitrarily changing stuff in the system that 3rd party apps rely on (usually it's just a change of path for a system file, an arbitrary change in a framework etc). I pity independent developers who rely on Apple to make a living.

The Windows UI sucks big time but at least 90% of apps that ran on windows XP still run today
As there is already a 64-bit vision of Audacity for Linux, I would bet that the OS X version will be upgraded before it's unworkable on any new OS X release. Personally, I dislike Audacity with a passion, but I understand that the price is right. Just don't upgrade your OS until you get the word from Audacity. This will not be an isolated issue... many 32-bit apps will going through this transition and every developer (or in Audacity's case, the community) will be working on it.
Dual boot...
drives are cheap, make a snapshot of your current OSX drive (which we should all do anyway), or an OS that works for your apps and boot into that for older apps. I still like using Apple Soundtrack Pro for audio editing but that stopped working on newer MacOSes years ago. When I feel a need to edit in STP I just boot up an old OS that still runs it. We have old projects and files going back 20 years that we regularly need to access. I keep multiple older OSX systems on bootable drives and boot into those when/if I need an old app, or access to an ancient file. Of course I'm (slowly) trying to make all those files universally compatible - but thats' another story!
I'm surprised Apple haven't put an end to dual booting. Surely it won't be long, the way they're going. It will be something about increasing " system security".
Dual booting will probably stop working once they start using their own chips. Or should I say "stop working" as in "we're not going to support it". Thankfully I have a brand new macbook pro that runs everything properly, as long as I don't upgrade anything. Hmmmm
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