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Modular Jams: Usually Ambient, Techno, Glitch
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Author Modular Jams: Usually Ambient, Techno, Glitch
I'll be posting my latest modular jams here smile Scroll down to see the most recent videos. YouTube channel is here, if you'd rather look through the playlist.

First one:
Dreamy drones and ambient arpeggios are contrasted by glitchy FM bits and breakbeat-style percussion.

The stuff in the rack:
Mutable Instruments Edges (DIY)
Mutable Instruments Tides
Mutable Instruments Grids
Mutable Instruments Branches (DIY)
Mutable Instruments Edges (DIY)
Mutable Instruments Plaits
Mutable Instruments Ripples (DIY)
Noise Reap Bermuda
Noise Reap ISD Sampler
Noise Reap 12dB VCF
Doepfer A-132-2 Quad exponential VCA
Doepfer A-147-2 Voltage Controlled Delayed LFO
Doepfer A-183-2 Offset generator/attenuator/polarizer
Doepfer A-183-3 Amplifier
Doepfer A-196 Phase Locked Loop (PLL)
ALM Busy Circuits Dinky's Taiko
WMD Arpitecht
WMD Triad
WMD Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM)
Tiptop Audio BD909
Tiptop Audio Hats909
Barton Musical Circuits BMC025 FM Drum (DIY)
Blue Lantern BMX 6 Channel Stereo Mixer
2hp Brst
Synthrotek Chaos Nand
Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 x2
Meng Qi/Detroit Underground DU-KRPLS (DIY)
4MS Dual Looping Delay (DLD)
Make Noise Function
Make Noise modDemix
Pittsburgh Modular LFO2
North Coast Modular Collective Lodi Mult
Erica Synths MIDI to Clock
Bubblesound Mix6 x3 (DIY)
Hexinverter Mutant Snare (DIY)
MXMXMX Ornament and Crime x2 (DIY)
MXMXMX Terminal Tedium (DIY)
EMW Pulse Counter
EMW Pulse Divider
Befaco Sallen Key Filter BF-22 (DIY)
Roland Torcido
North Coast Modular Collective Traverse City Touch Screen x2
North Coast Modular Collective Washtenaw Wave Morpher MIDI Controller x2
Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 8+
Malekko Heavy Industry Voltage Block
this is amazing!

gonna check out your soundcloud now smile
bradpickapiper wrote:
this is amazing!

gonna check out your soundcloud now smile

Thanks smile
Good composition and sounds here Joe. I enjoyed the listen and drooled over your rack. Some great stuff in there Mr. Green

Getting some kind of structure into my own stuff is eluding me and I tend to wing it with just using a variation of the same sequence on my BSP. I need to work towards something like what you have created here.


Thanks for the kind words! Yes, the "macro" sequencing is something that I'm still working on, too smile I think one thing that made things better for me was when I started sequencing sequencers (or at least sequencer parameters) with slower moving CV. For example, in this patch I've got some real slow moving stepped CV out of the Voltage Block that's changing the root note of the arpeggios and chords.

Thanks for watching!
Slowly building ambient pads and arpeggios are joined by downtempo breakbeat with a touch of glitch.

Lush square waves wash over warm wavetable forms in this slowly evolving modular jam.

Hi Joe,

I enjoyed listening to both of your new creations smile

I use a Metropolis and tend to over do things a bit... I need to slow down and try something different to what is coming out of my box at the moment.

I've got a Pressure Points now and that is certainly making for slightly more interesting stuff...


andy smile
Thanks, synkrotron. Overdoing things is a common problem of mine, too smile I sometimes catch myself trying to figure out how to use more modules or features because I have them, rather than figuring out what the song needs. A weird trick I've found that helps me is to close my eyes when listening to what I had just patched. For some reason that makes me focus just on the sound and not the mechanics as much.
Here's number four:

This one had a micro sci-fi story with it:

A slow, dreamlike drone is joined, at first, by small points of incoherent artificial thought until an apex of synergy between machine and electronic logic bursts through, poised to take over. A moment of ancestral reflection staves off the initial impulse.

This one has a micro Sci-Fi Story:
Humans make contact with a distant civilization, but they inadvertently insult the recipients, who now seek revenge for the slight.

Patch notes:
First arpeggiated voice to come in is a combination of Edges, Tides, and Bermuda. Each of them is getting pitch CV off of one of the note outputs from the Triad. Triggers from Varigate 8+ are going to a clock counter where it is stepping through three steps and each step goes off to an envelope generator in Ornament and Crime. Those envelopes and the audio from the three oscillators are going into VCAs. This gives a textured illusion of something like an arpeggiation, but a bit more dynamic because the decay rates of the envelopes for each oscillator are moving independently. The audio of that voice is mixed down in a bubble sound mix 6, then sent to the DLD for clocked delay.

A copy of the oscillator audio (pre-VCA) is mixed down (mix 6) and sent to Clouds in regular clouds mode, pitched up pretty high, sent through one of the BF-22 channels, and is the background shimmer sound (highlighted toward the end of the song)

The second arpeggiated voice to come in is Plaits in wave shape mode getting pitch CV from Arpitecht.

The lo-fi filtered noise that comes and goes is from the Dinkey's Taiko running through Ripples with a copy of the Plaits pitch CV going into its cutoff frequency and the audio from the Bermuda coming in to do a small bit of FM.

Patch notes:
The only voice in the first part is the Terminal Tedium running the Washtenaw Wave Morpher Pure Data patch. There's a lot of bit crushing and wave folding going on. The Varigate 8+ is sequencing its pitch. All the percussion sounds are sequenced by the Varigate 8+, then run through a Bubblesound Mix6 as a sub mixer, then into the Blue Lantern BMX6 mixer. The DLD and the Clouds (in regular clouds mode for a change) are being used as effects sends from the BMX6. The dreamy chords that come in after the noisy Terminal Tedium section are square waves from the Mutable Instruments Edges, being pitch sequenced by the Arpitecht's triad expander and getting the Clouds treatment. A mult of all three of those sound sources from the Edges are going through a VCA and being separately sequenced with triggers from a synched Grids going to an Ornament and Crime that's making envelopes for the VCA. That audio is going to a Mix6 and getting sub-mixed for the BMX. The VCA'd copy of the Edges chord is going through the BF22 and is getting a good dose of DLD. The staccato arpeggiated voice that comes in around 6.5 minutes in is Plaits getting pitch sequenced by Arpitecht. It's going through the second channel of the BF-22 and getting a good deal of DLD. The wonky FM-ish and lo-fi noise sounds that come in at around 9 minutes are the DU-KRPLS and Dinky's Taiko. I'm sequencing the noise/oscillator with the Voltage Block, so it sounds almost like two different sound sources (again at about 14.5 minutes and 23 minutes). The wave selection on the Taiko is also being sequenced by the Voltage Block, but is being changed sparingly. Overall I had about four macro-sequences programmed into the V8+ and Voltage Block. I'm using two channels of the Voltage Block to slowly sequence through chord progressions and triad selections for each of the macro-patterns.
A bit of simple ambient music for a change smile

Patch notes:
Pretty simple. Triangle from Tides going into a low pass filter. Square from Bermuda going to a low pass filter. Saw from Plaits going to BF22 in linked mode (turning it into a band pass filter. All of these are treated to varying levels of DLD delay. Pitch is sequenced with Arpitecht and Triad, going through the SSM to sequence the triad values going to the Tides and Bermuda. Bermuda is tuned down an octave and is given a half-time progression through the arpeggiation.
The next installment on the modular jam series. This time with an accompanying video of me building the patch while narrating what I'm thinking about and trying to do.

Narrated patch notes video:
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