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Only 2 octaves from Yamaha CS-30 + MOTU MK4 ultralite help?
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Author Only 2 octaves from Yamaha CS-30 + MOTU MK4 ultralite help?
Hey Everyone,

I'm trying to get the mythical 7 octaves or at least more than 2 octaves with silent way on my Yamaha CS-30. I can't get it to calibrate more than 2 octaves however.

I have tried boosting the signal as much as possible but it just doesn't seem to work. I can manually bend the pitch across a much larger range in the SW controller, but for some reason it doesn't want to calibrate it that far. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks! thumbs up

**I tested the DC output with a voltameter and the outputs successfully go from 0V to 4.69V. SO that should be more than enough voltage no?

Also, just to make sure my routing was correct I used both the SW DC and SW Trigger successfully together. Was able to get a huge range. Why does SW Controller not want to calibrate? Could it be an ableton issue?
What does the calibration graph look like?

After digging through the forums I was told to switch the offset and pitch settings as well as make sure the oscillator is constantly playing. That helped bring me up to 3 octaves and slightly more. However, now the CS-30 is just playing really quietly and the envelopes are triggering really slowly when playing it from the SW controller...
Okay wow, got it. The synth acting funny I think was just due to my MOTU needing to be restarted.

I managed to get 5 octaves and a little more now by keeping the offset at 0.5 and increasing the pitch to 0.55. Wow this is awesome. I hope this forum helps anyone else trying to get their Yamaha CS-30 working with Silent Way.
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