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Pin Park, EMS playing duo from Poland
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Author Pin Park, EMS playing duo from Poland
I hope this isn't old news... In the german Sequencer forum I have read about Pin Park, a polish duo that uses several EMS Synthis. I listenend to their record Krautpark on bandcamp and found it really great.

Pin Park on bandcamp
I like it!
Thanks for the hint.
Very cool, thanks for the heads up
Woah, this is great! Thanks for sharing!
I purchased the Album from Bandcamp. Greatly recommened, very musical with a good sense of old Krautrock days. Somewhat different than the usual more atonal Synthi stuff.

BTW, I plan to attend their concert in Berlin next weekend:

Pin Park in concert

Also note this documentory short film:

Hiwatt Bob
thanks for the recommendation!
The concert was truly excellent. Very fluid and musical performance using 2x AKS plus large Boss Loopers. Joined by excellent VJ animation.

Go get the album! The musicians and animation artist deserve more attention!

Hope to see them in Cologne at some point. :-)

Thanks for posting the album and short video!

I gave the whole album a listen. Truly Inspiring, the synthi has always been my favorite synths. I have never gotten to play one in person but the music made with it on this album is just incredible. The tracks and atmosphere are the exact type of music I like to hear and make AND it was made on a pair of synthis!
Musicology of Dreams
Thanks for sharing This is fun!
Talented Artists great Pin Park album applause Cheers

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