New Euro system, LS1/LP1 ground/0-volt questions.

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New Euro system, LS1/LP1 ground/0-volt questions.

Post by Rex Coil 7 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:44 am

Hello folks.

I'm in the process of designing and building a Euro rig from scratch. I've obtained a Power One linear PSU (HCC15-3-AG .... 3 amp psu), I'm making my own bus bar distribution system, much the same as the setup I've already made for my 15v 5U rig ....


I plan on tying the 0-volt rails of the 15v system to the 0-volt rail of the 12v system using very large cable (1/0 welding cable, which is almost a half pound of copper per foot). Both systems use large linear PSUs.

I also have the luxury of designing the mains input/switching/Earthing considerations. I live in the USA, and all of my wall power uses three prong outlets. Pretty much any/all of my design ideas are wide open to changes with few restrictions so I have the opportunity to optimize everything to suit my use. This is a "hard planned" Euro system that will serve as modulators for the Main synth which is all 5U, so it's not subject to a lot of (if any) growth. I'm only using 14 Euro modules that draw only 831+ma and 406-ma of total current (these figures include the Soundmachines modules). I'm using Hinton Instruments Euro module power cables which are nice and heavy, connections at the bus bars will be eyelets. So ... no ribbon cables ... no soft busses ... no distribution cards or PCBs ... and no wall warts.

Included in this Euro rig are two LS1 Lightstrips and one LP1 Lightplane. I've been using both the LS1s for a few years in a temporarily powered "for now" Euro rig with ZERO problems. I've just bought (but not installed or used yet) the Lightplane. This temporary Euro power system is no longer in my possession. My 15v system uses no digital modules and no capacitance modules, and the only capacitance modules in the Euro rig are to be the Soundmachines modules.

Enough background info ..... so my questions follow:

1.) What grounding protocols need to be addressed?

2.) What 0-volt protocols need to be addressed?

3.) Anything else that needs to be addressed?

Since I have not built this Euro cab yet, I am wide open to changes and construction details. This includes the already mentioned mains input methods and grounding procedures. I am very comfortable with doing mains connections, btw.

I just don't want to run in to noise issues, especially ones that can be tackled right from the start during the design phase of a new Euro cabinet. I'm designing the cabinet around the power system, instead of the other way around. I find this to be advantageous.

Your help is appreciated .... and I LOVE LOVE the LS1 Lightstrips ... I've used them to control 5U modules as well as Euro modules for years and really do not want to live without them. I am also very excited about using my new Lightplane in my rigging.

Thank you. Any suggestions made in this thread will be used for others as they build their own systems, so the information will be the basis for many wigglers to come, not just me. And THAT is major cool!



(EDIT: 04/21/18 - I've unsubbed, if anyone has anything regarding this topic please feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to hear from you.... thank you!)
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