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4ms RCD reset issue
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Author 4ms RCD reset issue
I clock my modular using Expert Sleepers Silent Way Sync and my RME UFX. The UFX outputs are not DC coupled, which apparently is fine for clocking.

My clock signal is thus: RME->Trigger Riot->RCD. A Trigger Riot output jack is sending clock to my RCD. And, another Trigger Riot jack is sending a reset to my RCD.

Sometimes, quite randomly, it seems like something goes wrong in my clock signal, and a beat is dropped or a reset is fired, which causes my RCD to reset.

I have recorded the output of Silent Way Sync when this happens, and there is nothing wrong with what Silent Way is sending.

I have tested the Trigger Riot, and it seems like it is consistently sending good clock and resets.

So, that leaves the RCD. Is the RCD picky about its clock and reset signals? I have tried all number of pulse widths coming from Trigger Riot, and nothing seems to make a difference.

Does anyone have any ideas about what might be causing my RCD to reset randomly? Maybe sometimes the voltage of Trigger Riot's output is less than the 5V RCD requires?

Note: RCD's auto reset is OFF.

Many thanks!
Well, after some more testing, it seems like CPU spikes might be causing slight aberrations in the clock that Silent Way is sending. I can reproduce the problem easily by cranking my latency down on my sound card and stressing the CPU with a high-CPU plugin. "Manually" sending the clock with an Ableton sampler instead of Silent Way is much more stable. Or, I can just raise my sound card latency, since I have some headroom to spare.
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