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Mixing dance music in mono?
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Author Mixing dance music in mono?
I'm producing tracks to be played in clubs / big sound systems, not radio or mp3 players.... is there any point in getting an Avantone MixCube for checking mixes in mono?
If you have vocal in your track it can be useful, otherwise, I'd say no.

Turn off one speaker and use a bx_solo type of plug in to listen in mono. Left only, or right only, or mono (both L&R summed). I do it everyday.
I actually prefer mixing with only speaker.
you want to mix all bass in mono!!!


bass freqs are omnidirectional, that is you cant hear what direction they are coming from. so there is no need mixing these in stereo.

if you mix these in either left or right the only thing you will accomplish is lowering the max spl by 3db. since the sound is now only coming out of one speaker. hence -3db

also all club systems in the bass region is routed as mono. just because of this.

many clubs can be large and you dont want any bass arriving later no matter where you stand. so its mono. actually since bass is omni is enough of a reason if yoiu ask me.

you want to mix sounds lower than 120hz in mono and higher in stereo.

thats it pretty much.

and then you will get most punch too.
Funny, I thought the question was going to be about the need for stereo in a club environment hihi

It's been a while - how much spatial information do you get or need when dancing?
Please *release* some music in mono... 90s mono techno was best, love my Missile records & stuff.
the reason most clubsystems are mono is because it gives jsut a bit more volume (3 dB). and you need to setup cleverly to allow all people/the whole room to enjoy stereo. too much work for most. what a shame as stereo can add soo much. and the story about lows being omnidirectional only goes for freq below 100-150 Hz. so your deep basses may follow that but the overtones (all your filter sweeps and distortion) is above that. i know people who use the roland/juno chorus on their bassounds. so they go left/right making more room for the kick in the middle.
read up on your blumlein to see the theory behind stereo. it's fairly complicated. and not as simple as some manufecturers of 'centre/sattelite' systems want you too believe. they are just cutting corners. which is why most 5.1 systems sound terrible.
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