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ES-8 on linux
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Author ES-8 on linux
Can anyone definitively report that the ES-8 works on linux?

Given that it's 'class compliant' it should do, but I'd be encouraged to hear a real world confirmation before shelling out for one.

To answer my own question: yes, it works out of the box, no problems This is fun!
Did you try it together with another interface?
I've been using it more thoroughly for a few months now and it works fine on linux.
I explained the technical side in a bit more detial on KVR audio :

I'm currently using the ES-8 together with a behringer ADDA adat convertor. So for AC coupled audio signals I use the behringer in/outs and for DC coupled CV stuff I use the in/outs on the ES-8.

I'm using it stable with 128 byte frames without problems.
I use mostly bitwig studio, but I've used puredata (or purr-data) to build an experimental CV sequencer and that works just fine too.

Concerning the question to combine 2 audio devices in 1 jack configuration : This is theoretically not possible with jack as it only works with 1 alsa input device.
However it is possible on an alsa level to create a combined device, but I fear the overhead of this might kill your latency... Although I haven't gotten to test it yet.

The ES-8 has ADAT in/out which gives you the possibility to add 8 in/outs which for me is more than enough.
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