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ES-8 on linux
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Author ES-8 on linux
Can anyone definitively report that the ES-8 works on linux?

Given that it's 'class compliant' it should do, but I'd be encouraged to hear a real world confirmation before shelling out for one.

To answer my own question: yes, it works out of the box, no problems This is fun!
Did you try it together with another interface?
I've been using it more thoroughly for a few months now and it works fine on linux.
I explained the technical side in a bit more detial on KVR audio :

I'm currently using the ES-8 together with a behringer ADDA adat convertor. So for AC coupled audio signals I use the behringer in/outs and for DC coupled CV stuff I use the in/outs on the ES-8.

I'm using it stable with 128 byte frames without problems.
I use mostly bitwig studio, but I've used puredata (or purr-data) to build an experimental CV sequencer and that works just fine too.

Concerning the question to combine 2 audio devices in 1 jack configuration : This is theoretically not possible with jack as it only works with 1 alsa input device.
However it is possible on an alsa level to create a combined device, but I fear the overhead of this might kill your latency... Although I haven't gotten to test it yet.

The ES-8 has ADAT in/out which gives you the possibility to add 8 in/outs which for me is more than enough.
To come back to my earlier statement, you can combine multiple adapters in linux by using alsa_out/alsa_in executables

The additional audio adapters will become available as a jack client and you can define routings to them.

I'm planning on finding a way to add my old RME pci card to my setup to have move adat ports available.... The problem is I don't have any legacy usb ports.

Anyone has experience with USB-3 PCI legacy adapters?
When I think of legacy I think of ISA smile

Surely you've already considered a USB hub?

I recently bought this PCIe USB expansion card and it works great with linux.
maaaks wrote:
To answer my own question: yes, it works out of the box, no problems This is fun!
Thanks for testing this, inspired me to bring up vcvrack on linux with es-8. Man vcvrack works really well on linux, and the es-8 connection was perfect. I had to cycle things a couple of times to get it not to hickup on the output of vcvrack but that has cleared up (I think it works best in the 48khz sample rate). Now I'm able to be at the 128 sample rate on vcv rack to es-8 without any issues!
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