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Shortest Banana Cables?
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Author Shortest Banana Cables?
Are there any stackable banana cables shorter than 4", not counting shorting bars?

I made a panel for my R*S system to mount a Pittsburgh Outs. Without thinking, I kept the standard 1" spacing between the inputs, forgetting that it's too wide to use a shorting bar (for when I just have a mono signal.)

4" cables work fine, but in an attempt to make it a little cleaner, I'd love a 2" or 3" cable.


4" is the shortest offered by Pomona. I'm not aware of any other folks that might offer shorter ones.

I think your best bet would be to butcher a Pomona cable with a little DIY... cut it, shorten the leads, and solder it (after tossing some heat-shrink on one of the leads).

Where did you get the panel made? FPE?
That's kind of what I was thinking. Probably not much call for cables shorter than 4"

Yep, the panel was made by FPE. The graphics are engraved, which I wouldn't do again, especially after seeing what the printed graphics can look like.

My second custom panel:

that looks terrific! My own diy 4x4 efforts are comparatively crude lasertran efforts done before FPE offered direct-print. Your layout matches the RS panels beautifully - what are you designing these in?
Graphics are done in Photoshop. I used the R*S panels as a template to get things in the proper places.

My next panels will have the slightly rounded corners that the R*S panels have. I didn't think about that until I got the first couple done, but it'll both make them fit better aesthetically, and make it so the corners aren't sharp.

If anyone wants help coming up with a panel design/graphics/FPE file, feel free to PM me.
The Pomona B-4-1 4" banana is pretty short in use, once both ends are inserted in a socket.
Reese P. Dubin
OK if you are only trying to replicate what is shown in the photo, pull those cable out of there, straighten out a paper clip, then bend it to connect those jacks together.

Or any wire that conducts, lamp cord etc.
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