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Ambient machine
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Author Ambient machine
I looking into building a ambient/drone eurorack. What euroracks do you guys recommend? I really want the clouds and 4ms resornator
Get those two and some sort of dual LFO and a dual VCA and a mixer you’ll be in feedback ambient heaven. This is the tip of the iceberg -you can build from there and you will, so start saving those $20 bills.

Get a decent reverb and delay too, ambient after all....
Essentially my response is saying buy what interests you because it interestsyou, buy a couple of foundation building blocks that you will always need no matter where your synth fetish turns, and just jump in. Don’t try to chase the latest greatest, and don’t think that there is some magical answer for an ambient euro rack. Get a few modules and tweak a couple knobs at once- don’t forget to hit record!
Ambient/drone is a pretty broad spectrum.

I started with a Pittsburgh Lifeforms SV-1 and built from there. I'm a fan of the idea of buying a semi-modular as a starting point. Nice to be able to make some cool sound right away. My system is much larger now, but my sv-1 is still used in most of my patches. They're not perfect, but the positives outweigh the negatives. (The oscillators bleed back through the ground, so its best to get the blackbox edition and keep it on its own power supply)

Clouds it out of production, but they can be found for $$$ used. There are DIY kits for it. Clouds is cool, but everyone can instantly recognize it.
Grendel DC-2E with expander. Semi modular, integrates well with other modules, drone heaven
A sample player is great for ambient pieces. And sine waves, lots of sine waves.
Rings and Erbe-Verb are my cliche-but-fun suggestions.
Come to think of it, maybe the question should’ve been ... if I want to make ambient/drone music are there any modules I should absolutely avoid? My answer would be “No”. Have fun!
Synth Tech E352 and plenty of modulation sources, especialy those that can generate bipolar random voltages. Cloud+Morph mode is amazing for evolving ambient drone textures. Downloadable collection of user wavetables.

Reverb and/or delay are essential-can save both $ and space in your case by keeping these outboard (pedal or rack) or software based (2C Aether is my fave-try the demo), although you may miss CV control over effects.
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