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Tape Echo or Multi; Analog still worth it?
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Author Tape Echo or Multi; Analog still worth it?
Rost + Licht


I'm looking to add a Tape Echo FX to my Sound but also need an pristine digital delay.

There are many great Replicas out there, wether dedicated ones like the El Cap, T-Rex or Multi Effects like the Timeline, Timefactor or Empress Echosystem with (pretty good?) Tape Algorythims. Those Multis offer more flexibilty but I wonder if i'll miss my at that point still non existend Tape Echo sound?

As I already own two BBD Delays (MF Delay and Ibanez AD 202) I dont want to add more than one delay unit. Maybe I should exchange one of the Analogs for a Multi + getting a Space Echo?

Some insight in this would be nice. Is the Space Echo still worth it or just an one trick pony? Are the modern Multis more bang for buck or all same same?
Totally depends on how you use them and how much the difference is worth to you. There is a difference, and I've not heard a simulator that fully nails the sound tape compression, leaves the hiss, has fully organic warble, etc. But if your mixes are dense, a lot of that gets lost in the mix anyhow and a simulation might be just as good.
tim gueguen
One thing to consider is that you'll need to do maintenance at some point to a tape echo such as changing tapes, cleaning the tape heads etc.
In the simulator camp, maybe the TC Electronic Flashback? Has tape, analog and clean algos...
Michael O.
If I were trying to build a setup to match your criteria I’d keep the ad202, get a space echo (101 if you don’t need the reverb- the 150 isn’t bad but it has fewer heads and infeterior sounding revamped circuitry), and get a pcm41 or pcm42. The pcm41 is insanely well outfitted for a delay in terms of modulation and mixing capabilities (so you can do chorus, flange, rudimentary pitchshift, etc.) and, most importantly, it sounds gorgeous.
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