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More full featured DAW, Ableton 10 or Bitwig 2.3?
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Author More full featured DAW, Ableton 10 or Bitwig 2.3?
Its time to purchase a new DAW! hyper

Which one is more full featured (and preferably more stable and reliable) DAW as a one stop studio workstation, functioning as the main midi sequencer for hardware driven studio + arranging midi/loop ideas into structured song + mixing those songs into finished track? I've tried both demos and I'm not too concerned about the workflow, as that is something that grows on people anyway (Bitwig looks better in my opinion, the clip luncher is stunning but Ableton strikes me as more of a powerful, mature DAW but I could be wrong). Are there any essential features missing in the young Bigwig that Ableton has - especially for midi and mixing - and I should probably consider? Ableton 10 demo seems to consume more CPU resources than Bitwig demo on Windows 10, but as far as I know, many users report insane CPU usage even though they've got ridiculously powerful machines. Ableton is supposed to use less CPU than Bitwig, which is smooth over here, even when pushed very hard. The Ableton dev team is probably working day and night on fixing that CPU issue and so many users report Ableton 10 to be much more smooth than Ableton 9. I've got a 8550u CPU, not the best one, but much more than qualified enough for "normal user" electronic music production without too many heavy VST instruments.

I btw do not care about the modular approach of Bitwig, as my sound design is done with hardware, but I'd like to sequence that hardware via my DAW. However, those modulation options are awesome for automating FX... the choice is too hard. Is M4L good enough for FX modulation in Ableton? Those DAWS both have very dedicated users, but from a "which one is more powerful in the long run" perspective, what do you think?

There's already at least 2 threads on this. Bitwig is better for working with MIDI hardware, fullstop.

Ableton has some / a lot of bad design choices, both in terms of GUI and in terms of audio. No mono channels in the mixer, for example, and the stereo panning is badly done. Configuring drum racks MIDI ins and outs is a pain.... not sure if they finally added a drum grid editor in 10 but it's inexcusable that it has taken so long.

Can't comment on M4L effects as I just use VSTs. I'd use Reaktor instead of M4L if I wanted complex effects modulations and was able to spend time using the mouse and staring at a screen.

You do know that you can easily automate plugin (VST or M4L) effects in both these apps ? Bitwig's GUI is better for working with automation...

IMO Live has never been a full DAW. It is very much geared to DJs wanting to produce or remix tracks working with sample loops (hence warping is on by default).. drop your 4/4 loop into a clip and it automatically fits the tempo, etc.
The rest is sort of added on as an afterthought.
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