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Implementing Granular Synthesis
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Author Implementing Granular Synthesis
Hello! Have any of you guys ever built your own granular synth? If so, what would you recommend for doing so? I'm fairly proficient with C++ so that wouldn't be an issue but I'm wondering if that's overkill. Can PD or Max/MSP implement a good sounding (subjective, I know) granular synth? I know GS can get pretty processing intensive and ideally I'd want to use a technology that wouldn't limit me in having a large number of overlapping grains playing back at once.

It's not too bad to implement a granular synth in Max. The trick is to use a poly~ object so you can have multiple grain voices. Each grain voice will play a snippet of a buffer, and you can use an envelope to fade it in and out.

PureData should be very similar. It has buffers and a poly object that mirrors the Max one. (it's been awhile since I dove into PureData but I might pick it up again)

Performance-wise in Max you shouldn't have any trouble with a couple hundred voices. You could look into gen~ eventually to squeeze some additional performance out later.

Take a look at the "granularized" example that comes in Max (Help > Examples > Sampling > Granular > granularized). Here's some other links: tation-in-maxmsp/

And a tutorial for PureData:

I have a granular patch I made awhile back. I'll have to dig it up. I was inspired by this video to learn more about it (the DSP is done in Max)
I've built many over the years (pre-Gen) and there must be many lying around to pick as a starting point as well. It's pretty easy in max if you know what you need and even if you don't, you can easily experiment with window/no window types, sizes, what parameters to control as well as granular synthesis variations like glisson, pulsars, etc

Probably going c++ finding api's etc won't be worth it that much, plus if i understand correctly with Gen you can sort of "export" a vst version!
Also there are some granular tools in Supercollider:

I have experience just with default GrainBuf, but I found it useful & powerful enough (and fast) for live granulation of prerecorded samples controlled with gamepad:

If you want a really nice, easily dissectable Max patch to understand granulars you should check out Brendan McCloskey's Granary. Basically every granular I've ever made has had it as a reference point in some way or another. Also definitely get a copy of Microsound by Curtis Roads, which is also infinitely helpful and fascinating.
Reaktor has good granular modules and is a bit easier to understand than Max.
There are a few granular synths in the user library as well, that you can dissect to see how they work. Here's one: ibrary/entry/show/7775/

Grainstates is a classic, but things have moved on in 13 years! smile ibrary/entry/show/2523/
Have you read Ross Bencina's paper on C++ Granulators? tes310801.pdf

Source code here..
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