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Author BLCK_NOIR Superbooth 2018
Can we stick to the subject? This threatens to become another filosophical thread. Start a thread about the advertising policy of endorphin. Let this be about the upcoming module.
If your vulgar marketing accusation doesn't pertain to the video advertisement promoting this particular topic, I don't understand taking the time to discuss it here. I'd recommend you start another thread if it concerns you, or perhaps contact them directly.

If you wanted to stir up some controversy so bad, you could have at least worked it into the conversation. For example:

"I'm glad to see they didn't resort to vulgar marketing again to promote their product."

You shouldn't attempt to discipline a dog today for shitting the bed yesterday.

I don't know what to make of it. The "cabin pressure" can also be found on the Grand terminal.
Cabin pressure / cabin fever are effects on the Terminal, I imagine it's the same here.

hh/cy is obvious, tb = timbale? mb/mo = ??

it's a bit funny they've gone "dark" with the video and the panel, but have retained the whimsical illustrations.
OK, having said what’s on my mind (it’s a public forum, cope with it), I’ll play.

Second picture from the top seems to be trigger jacks for the different voices. The buttons underneath could be mutes or manual triggers (either/ both) for the corresponding voices. You can see the lights on those buttons flashing with incoming triggers. This tells me there’s probably no built-in sequencer.

It sounds to me like they are using some kind of hybrid/digital FM engine, maybe akin to the strong zero core on the FG. The voices seem to be hard-wired (as opposed to a modular/ semi-modular architecture) with some CV control. It has individual outs and a mono out, digital effects.

I don’t know what makes it particularly suited to techno or dark wave, other than the new color scheme that is. The cow and flying saucer from the FG are gone (they remind me of the Apocalypse Now beach scene), but there’s a comet and a tow truck.

This is from their Instagram account. Hope it's ok to put it here as well.
This is interesting, I love the idea and the format, but I am wondering what the range of sound possibilities are, it seems, very specific, no timbre controls, no sd card slot, for example!

I am guessing Throttle is a compressor.

I have no doubt that it will be amazing, but I wonder just how specific or conversely how flexible it is, any clues? Inside scoop?
It's a drum module A you can see hh bd sn ect and 7 (?) trigger ins plus what looks to be a compressor and some env shaping stuff....

Exit - 6 trigger ins and an accent in.....thought 7 a weird number
Sorry, didn't mention that as it is as you rightly say extremely obvious grin

I was wondering how those sounds are generated, synth, samples? hence my questions about timbre shaping and the sd card slot.
Got an answer on Instagram that "many of timbres can be heard in the teaser".
Batik Rhys
I'm trying to figure out the 'to fx sends'...

Also, aux in. Could this be for routing a bassline or whatever through its compressor perhaps?
Okay, so it is a fairly heavily curated set of sounds then - good to know smile
Batik Rhys
Baddcr wrote:
Okay, so it is a fairly heavily curated set of sounds then - good to know smile

It looks to be yeah! Not necessarily a bad thing, hard to tell from the teaser as everything's drenched in reverb but I reckon it's gonna sound lovely.

So there's obviously individual tuning for each sound. Then there's decay for the bass drum & snare drum. Then there's spoiler, thrust & flaps (????).

Are any of these terminologies used on their other modules, can anyone hazard a guess?
Indeed, I am sure it will sound excellent!

I don't know the terminology; they could mean anything, I would imagine that that is where the timbre control is, but beyond that I have no clue grin

Wild guess: spoiler = distortion, thrust = overdrive, flaps = filter

They really are wild guesses though hihi
drowld wrote:


Muse FTW
Well if they continue that color scheme I'll be very happy.
here we go!

I for one love the gold colors, but will succumb to whatever color is available when the time comes
Ooooof that sounds killer.
I played it. It’s pretty dope. It is very very much tuned for certain sounds so you’d better like them. Still there is some range to the decay and tone of SD and BD and the digital noise can be tuned as well.

The buttons that are next to the trigger inputs will act as momentary ‘mutes’ if the trigger inputs are being fed. That’s pretty damn cool.

It also has a built-in ‘freeze’ effect that allows one to ‘sample’ a small section of the machine and stutter/loop it whilst making some changes. The other FX are (currently) directly from their existing product line.

Now i really wonder if i could just extend my own built shuttle system with 42hp fraptools plus skiff and add the black noir? Thats my biggest question at moment....because im soo going to buy this applause
Muse FTW
That's pretty dank. I don't know if it's for me, but it sounds very nice.
Im not a live show kinda guy but for jamming out some heavy techno this looks seriously dope.
Very good - I like the focus - sounds great smile

And the gold on black is much nicer than the purple on black!
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