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SH-1oh1 freeze after update
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Author SH-1oh1 freeze after update
Hi, I had the SH1oh1 installed in my 101 by a professional technician and everything functioned for 2 weeks.
I then updated the firmware from 1.7 to 2.0.
During the update process I checked the in/out midi with the updater and it was then that it told me it was running 1.7.
I then started the update and it finished, stating that update was successful.
However, straight after the update lights flickered between the 'hold' and 'U&D' buttons for a few minutes. Then it settled on just the 'hold' and the lfo light, the lfo doesn't rate flicker but remains constant (doesn't flash).
I've turned it off and on, waited 24 hours but it remains in a frozen state with no audio or midi output and just the power, hold and lfo lights solidly lit.

Is there a reset function ?
Tubbutec, Hello ??

My 101 is still frozen due to your 2.0 firmware update ....
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