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Warping synth polyrythm on Ableton
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Author Warping synth polyrythm on Ableton
Hello People,

I'm starting to record some of my modular journeys with Live Ableton.
But I am a total noob with music production.
I don't have any material to sync my modular case with my DAW so I use Live as a recoder and wanted to warp it afterwards to syncronise it to a BPM but most of the time I am struggling to find the good warp technic.

Exemple: I wanted to warp this synth track:
but it never worked correctly.

Any advices are welcome.

Thanks for your patience -)


Are you using Warp Markers?

If you explain what you are doing now it may be easier to guide you.

However, I'd also suggest either syncing to the DAW if you're already using it for recording. It makes handling the audio so much easier.
Rost + Licht
try this:
set warp style/mode to complex pro
cmd+a select the whole range of your recording and then rightclick -> add warp markers

I'm not 100% sure this is the exact used terminology, but youll find and understand what i mean.

With complex pro, you get some of the most detailed quantisation and looping possibilities, read the ableton pop up texts for more info on the different warp modes.
wow that track goes on, you really need to watch some vids as it's all out there

There is some great hip hop stuff about warping
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