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Favourite knobs, switches, sliders and thingamawigs.
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Author Favourite knobs, switches, sliders and thingamawigs.
Let's get down and dirty. I'm sure amongst the many appealing factors of the modular format is the tactile feel and physicality of everything. All those buttons, dials, flashing lights and tangled patch cables. There's a certain fetishistic allure to it all. Heck, I sometimes find myself twisting knobs and flicking switches when it's not even on just for the sheer joy of it. Who has the naughtiest knobs, the sexiest sliders and most enticing encoders? Go on, you know you want to, don't be shy.

Personally, Mutable Instrument's knobs get my vote. They've got a nice, sturdy smooth action to them.
The rubberized edges feel good and a subtle splash of colour injects some variety into that endless slate of greyscale but without looking garish or out of place. Fabulous.

Also love me a good solid encoder. The feel of it under your fingers as you give it a twist. You feel every supple, soft, click. Oh and don't get me started on toggle switches. Just the right level of push back that rewards your firm fingers with the most satisfying of clicks.

And a special mention for the metallic ridges on the MI: Ears. Mmmmm feels great to run your fingernails or a guitar plectrum across.

Agreed on the MI Ears. Mine showed up yesterday and I had a great time touching it in various ways. Everything from the scratching you mention to more subtle rubbing. Very interesting user interface. Makes me want to attach contact mics to more things in my life.
Euro Trash Bazooka
As I play bass and guitar as well (and drums, and triangle, and farts), I definitely agree with the fact that "physicality" is extremely important when playing an instrument and seeing as modular is all about twisting, plugging and fiddling with knobs, it's equally important to me.

Personally I love fluted knobs, and also the look of Rogan knobs. Davies' look awful on modular gear.
I really like the feel of the tact switches on MI modules, they sit just barely above the panel surface. I wish I had gotten components to do something like that on my O_C. Those buttons (the ones in the BOM) are so much higher and wobbly. But a good tact switch, oh man.... I also agree with your sentiment on a good toggle switch as well!
I am glad there are others that appreciate the physical interaction as well. I'll try not to go too far down the rat hole with my obsession, but I've been on a sort of knob crusade since I helped select the torque spec for encoders for a synth I helped develop. In Eurorack at least, there are so many mismatches between knob feel/diameter/spacing and pot/encoder torque. While I think generally MI matches things well, and I like the look of the knobs okay, I really don't like the physical ridge that the pointer makes on those knobs. I like being able to grab a knob at any point and smoothly turn it without having to roll my finger or thumb over a ridge part way through. Kinda ruins it for me. So I am in the process of replacing the knobs on all 15 or so MI modules. Harvestman and MakeNoise also use these type, though both of them have mismatched the rubber feel with the light torque on some of their pots/encoders. I am replacing all of my Harvestman knobs, also partly because the knob spacing is so tight and an even smaller diameter knob will work better, though that gives up some feel. I could go on for a while with these mismatches and other issues, but I will say that there are some that are matched well, among those being Pittsburgh and Cwejman. Carry on, sorry if this sounds too negative.
Knobs: Synthesis Technology
Buttons: Synthesis Technology (the ones on the E951)
Encoder: Synthesis Technology (only for the feel, I don,t like its look)
Sliders: Verbos
Inputs/Outputs: Expert Sleepers (they change colors)
Switches: Verbos
Buchla 200-style Rogan knobs.
TE/Alco PKE knobs.
NKK toggle switches.
E-Switch illuminated anti-vandal buttons.
Suzo/Happ convex arcade buttons.
Cinch banana jacks.
Amp 1/4" jacks.
Lumex press-fit LEDs.
Front Panel Express 3mm aluminum panels.
RAF clear iridite aluminum hex standoffs.
Black socket and button cap allen/hex screws.

the rockers moog use are the best switches to play imo, very easy one finger operation in either direction

shame theyre too big for most euro mfrs
I love a good pushbutton. I have a manual gate on my CGS serge ADSR and its this big momentary pushbutton. It just has a satisfying click when it pops back up. I spend way too much time clicking it
I like the knobs on the Wiard 300 series (Davies?), the Verniers on the EMS Synthi even if really they aren't too much help, the big shiny chrome knobs on the early synthis.

Not that I've used them but I always thought the knobs on the ARP 2500 look nice - and the new slider tops on the KARP Oddyssey - especially set off by a white face.

Having "grown up" with them for practical use I like the sliders on the Roland SH series (but not the SH101).
my favorite knobs are the ones wmd uses. they are thin enough that they don't crowd when spaced tightly, and they are the perfect balance of soft rubberiness/grippiness and resistance on the pots.
Special shout out for Belgrad's big shiny black knob, and Warps' glowing, throbbing, multi-coloured one. Miley Cyrus
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