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Recording from a Live MIDI arrangement: advice needed!
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Author Recording from a Live MIDI arrangement: advice needed!
So this track I've been working on is finally arranged in Ableton and ready to record...

I haven't used Live for this before and I'm a little weary of multitrack recording there.

95% of the sounds in the track are coming from MIDI hardware and going through processing plugins (mostly compressors), with a handful of samples played by Live. The master track has a couple of compressors on it as well.

I'm worried that if I do a multitrack audio recording I will get bogged down by audio/MIDI timing issues. When I play the track everything is in sync but I get the impression that when you actually record stuff things can be different.

Should I record with delay compensation turned off? (ok, I will RTFM)

CPU usage hovers around 40-45% when the track is playing.

Should I record in multiple takes, one track at a time Dead Banana or can I get away with recording all 12 tracks in one go? I have an SSD drive.

Or maybe record directly to stereo and keep the project safely stored so I can always go back to record separate tracks if I decide to re-master or get it professionally mastered later? I'm thinking that recording direct to stereo will spare me the audio/midi sync headaches for now?
1. Hit record and see what happens
2. If tracks are out of sync manually drag them to where they need to be
3. Check your preferences to see how you can avoid both delays and 45% CPU usage for playing 12 tracks.
Wow, I did RTFM (again) and realised why I'm asking here. The Live manual is a joke. The info I wanted is actually in Live's built-in "lessons". There is not a peep in the user guide about multitrack recording (indeed there is no chapter titled "Recording Audio"d'oh! ) other than that you can arm more than one track for recording.... They constantly talk about working with clips and it drives the point home that this is not the DAW you want for recording full arrangements.
Their advice on delay compensation is basically "leave it on unless you get issues in the recording". Pretty piss-poor documentation really. They really ought to cover certain things in more detail in separate chapters for Mac and Windows as there are some differences when it comes to audio and MIDI drivers.

Thanks Guya. The CPU usage is normal as I am using some pretty heavy duty plugins.
It worked! SlayerBadger! My first track in years hihi

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