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Syncopation of sequences
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Author Syncopation of sequences
Hi folks, sure this has been asked before, but.....

Has anyone an idea of how to syncopate sequences ? I suppose what I'm looking for is some form of trigger processor.

Would a Bastl Little Nerd allow me to change the timing of individual triggers ? Apologies, haven't had a good luck at it yet.

Cheers all
Lot's of ways to do it. I've never tried the Bastl Little Nerd but at a glance it should do what you want?
Knights Who Say Neve
Is there a modular sequencer that will properly swing triplets? By which I mean, play 3 in a quarter note or 8th note's time, and delay the middle note of each triplet.
Depends on the sequencer:
The classic Moog approach was to patch the output of the bottom row to the voltage controlled clock. (There was a switch to do this.) Then you'd tune the duration of each note with that row. The downside to this is wiggling will change the time of the loop.

The Buchlaesque method is to mix the (reduced) clock with the output of a row, and feed that to a comparator with a reference higher than the clock. Then turning a stage up would make the comparator fire on that step. You could further tweak this with a changing voltage on the other side of the comparator-- the higher this voltage, the fewer notes will trigger. The downside of this is it's a different kind of syncopation-- off beats, not swing.

There are also sequencers that have a switch for each stage-- switch on, you get a trigger, switch off, you don't. The Doepfer a-155 is an example.

For triplets, set sequence length to 12, then use the Buchla trick described above.
A person could also "nest" sequencers. In one patch I have used the version of the Moog (Q960 with a 963 trigger bus) sequencer and a pair of the disparaged dotcom complex envelope generators (q179) running in sequencer mode. Each of the q179's are plugged into a different channel of the trigger bus, and control their own voice. One could vary this setup and use a q179 as a trigger generator (or build/buy a CGS module of that name) and thereby get the triplet timing--or use larger sequencers for more expansive strangeness.

Another variation that I have not tried (because I dont own all the needed bits) could be driving a "normal" sequencer with a trigger sequencer, sort of like using a Moon 563 or 568 to generate a clock pulse for a dotcom 963 sequencer, thereby the "trigger on" steps from the Moon advancing stages on the 963.
master clock to divider
/2 doubles to a gate delay and an inverter
inverted out + gate delayed out to logic OR
output of OR is swung clock. increase gate delay length to increase swing.

swing patches are headscratchers in general… can get pretty advanced if you wanna do anything besides traditional swing on the even steps.
Read this, then watch the video. It gives such a great set of ideas for making awesome beats in Eurorack. dder-on-putting-together-a-rhythm-section

(R.I.P. Frequency Fodder.)
This thread has me intrigued..

My Dictionary says:


1 (usu. as adj. syncopated) displace the beats or accents in (music or a rhythm) so that strong beats become weak and vice versa: syncopated dance music.

I realize that the OP is asking about Bastl Little Nerd Module and the functionality of said module to produce syncopated triggers. I have no experience with that module.

I think what I'm getting at is more clarity on what exactly is being talked about with the phrase "syncopated sequencers"?

Is it swing?
Is it off beats?
Is it a beat with different accents?
All the above?

It probably isn't restricted to percussion or melody sequences... Or is it?

I'm not finding a way to articulate my thoughts very well right now. Ughh...

I recently made a video where I was trying to patch up a Tabla style beat..
It turned out okay.. Not great , but passable as a drunken tabla player...

I, myself, am a drummer... I know what syncopation is..(FYI)

I am curious as to what the OP is trying to achieve? What type of style or what is the end goal in mind, Davesax1965?

JohnLRice is correct. There are "lots of way to do it.."

I had a lot of fun with two euclidean rhythms out of Pam's multed and triggering Maths ch 1&4. One of the mults was getting mixed with a slow LFO and then clocking a Pico RND. Random clocked gates were then mixed back into the end or Rise from CH1 of Maths.... Or something like that...

The way that the two euclidean patterns played off each other was like they were taking turns changing the Rhythm...

Honestly I don't really know what I managed to do... The patch took me a couple of days and I haven't wrapped my head around the exact nuts and bolts of the voltages in the patch..

So, just for fun, I'd like to hear someone's inflated definition of syncopation....Anyone?

I can post my Tabla video here if needed. Maybe someone can enlighten me on whether my video has syncopation in it...

I posted the video, "Mysteron Percussion: Tablas", on this thread:

Or, if interested, you can click here:

Edit: Thanks, Arcana for the post to NE's blog... I wonder what happened to Frequency Fodder? Seems all his accounts have been deleted...

sad banana

At least that video is still up on NE's youtube page... Great Drum patching..
Thanks, folks, that's all very helpful !!

Let me give you an example of what I meant. I wrote this (37 minute Krautrock track) a few years ago. The background sequence is written in MIDI.

I since built a modular, so, of course, I can do straight beat sequences. It's a bit limiting. This is going to be a live setup, multiple sequencers... no MIDI.

Trip Hazard - Hin und Zuruck
So, what modules do you have? How do you think you could patch up some syncopation with what you got now? There could be a clever way to do it with what you got...
Dave Peck
Consider getting something like a TC Electronic D-two multi tap delay to handle the syncopation. They work great for live stuff. Set the delay time for 1.5x the tempo and viola! Syncopated synth patterns.
In this video I show how to create a variable syncopated pulse by using a trigger delay. The cool thing about it is that you can adjust the swing amount on the fly. Works well with snares and hats...
1.Clock your CV sequencer with a trigger sequencer
2.Set up an odd sequence lenght like five steps and reset the sequence with a clock divider for example every 32 steps
3.Run the CV outs of two sequencers with different sequence lenghts through a mixer.
4.Buy an euclidean sequencer and call it a day
I use Pam’s for this. Delay divisior at 2 and you are there. Plus some Slop for that human touch. smile
JakoGreyshire wrote:
This Edit: Thanks, Arcana for the post to NE's blog... I wonder what happened to Frequency Fodder? Seems all his accounts have been deleted...

sad banana

At least that video is still up on NE's youtube page... Great Drum patching..

He passed away about a month or so ago. Sad loss.
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