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Can i put a 500 series unit in a Eurorack?
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Author Can i put a 500 series unit in a Eurorack?
Mr D
Possibly a very silly question, but.........

Will a 500 series unit (API 505-DI) fit in a Eurorack rack?

Are they both 3U?

What about width? Does Eurorack come in some standard multiple of widths?

If so, does anyone know if the width of 500 series is to the same standards? So will the holes for the screws match up neatly?

I'm guessing i can't use the Eurorack PSU to power the 500 series unit, right? If not, i'll get a separate PSU just for the 500 series unit.

Sorry for so many questions! wink
Isn't System 500 Roland's de facto Euro offering? Or is Series 500 something different...? hmmm.....
500 series (studio equipment, not Malekko/Roland) modules are 3u high but a euro PSU won't power them. I'm not sure you would be able to mount the modules because the mounting holes don't seem to be in a position that is compatible with Eurorack rails.
They are designed for a case with a back-plane, so you would need to figure out a way to +/-16v and +48v to the module via some kind of floating card slot.

500 series modules are also much deeper than your average euro rack case, these days.

I just don't see this as a great idea. zombie
500 series API style modules are mostly audio processors — compressors, EQs, preamps, etc. In my opinion the answer is to generate audio in the modular world and send it out of modular into a lunchbox for processing. Very different formats, and if you need 500 stuff to process other non-modular-synth audio, it might be more convenient to have a lunchbox you could move around the studio.
negative you need a 500 series lunchbox for a 500 series module
no, it will not fit. elektrikally very different. get some 19" gear for preamp/eq/compression if that is what you want. di boxes are all over. i like the palmer ones. 500 series seem a good deal but before you are done you've spend more then with standard 19" gear. which is just as good. maybe not as portable (as long as you get a small lunchbox). the bigger 500 series boxes are in fact often 19".
Mr D
Thanks, food for thought!
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