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FH-1 & Iconnectivity MIO issue
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Author FH-1 & Iconnectivity MIO issue
I'd like to know if it's possible to connect the FH-1 module to the MIO = in which one can connect a 10 port USB hub for any midi class-compliant device ? That would allow me to control the FH-1 directly from my daw. (Apparently, it should work, according to this thread : but I'd like to be sure !) hyper

For instance, I connected my Behringer BCF 2000 and it works like a charm. Can I do the same with the FH-1 module ?

Thanks a lot ! smile
Yes you can connect the FH-1 to the mio10 (to one of its computer ports, not to a device port).

I just announced the FH-2 though.
Ooops ! I forgot to thank you a lot !
That's it !I installed the FH-1. When I connect my BCF 2000 directly into the module the USB led is on and it works perfectly.

But when I connect it either to my computer or to my MIO 10, it refuses to communicate. The led remains off.

Must say that after searching everywhere, I still don't know what to do !

Some help would be welcomed ! Thank you !
Oh ! I forgot to say that I updated the firmware first of all.

And also, my MIO 10 is connectable to a usb hub and that's what I did. In the usb hub, there is already my BCF 2000 and an Xstation, there are working well and that's where I'd like to connect the FH-1 too.

The hub is powered and one can add 10 usb class compliant midi devices in it for the MIO 10.

I really scratch my head... Unable to find why they don't communicate.
You can't plug the FH-1 into a hub or one of the mio10's device ports. It would have to be plugged into one of the computer ports (same port you'd plug your mac/PC into).
Ah ! Thanks a lot ! I read you already told me but I didn't notice that correctly...

It seems to work, now !

Merci !
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