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Zonk't "Banburismus" out on tomorrow
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Author Zonk't "Banburismus" out on tomorrow
The new album of my zonk't project "banburismus" released on tomorrow.

zonk't "banburismus"

As a polychrome composer, Laurent Perrier is developing his work through a large number of projects which, although they often share many common points, are all built on a strong identity. Thus, Zonk't has always been a way of exploring the most ambient fringes of dub, and the transition from the all-digital to compositions made entirely on modular synthesizers has overall not changed its approach in depth. Yet, Banburismus, whose unlikely title comes from the crypto-analytical process developed by Alan Turing during the Second World War, begins by taking us by surprise with a long luminescent drone that seems to rise endlessly before dissolving little by little in a wall of echoes, glitches and distorted voices then make way to round and deep basses disturbed by metal peaks on which float distant blips, like farway echoes of the secret messages decoded by Turing. Real master stroke, this track occupying the first face of the LP is a trip in an ether much more populated than it seems. Shorter, the three pieces of the B side participate in the same atmosphere, but still extend the sonic field. More stripped, more airy, more cosmic, Banburismus achieves there new heights with ease. We could be tempted to play the game of references and try to put Zonk't somewhere amongst the great experimenters of electronic dub. But who cares,, Banburismus is well beyond categories, and Laurent Perrier, by cracking the code, opens for us the doors of a universe of disturbing and fascinating vastness.

JF Micard

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