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Salt - Bela powered programmable Eurorack module
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Author Salt - Bela powered programmable Eurorack module
This looks interesting, probably a bit into teletype territory.

Salt is a programmable module. As such, it can be anything you want it to be. An oscillator? A filter? A sequencer? A waveshaper? A MIDI-CV converter? A flexible utility module? Something completely different and crazy? Any combination of the above or more? With plenty of inputs and outputs, you can even assign different functions to different parts of the module and have them all run at the same time.

Voltage ranges:
The trigger in and outs are 0V to +5V. The CV inputs have a 10V pk-to-pk range, and the offset potentiometer allows to shift the usable input range down to -10V to 0V or up to 0V to 10V. The CV and audio outputs have a -5V to +5V range.

Sampling frequency:
The audio and trigger channels are sampled at 44.1kHz, while the CV channels are sampled at 22.05kHz when all 8 are in use, or 44.1kHz when only 4 are used.

The module comes with a number of example patches which are ready to go; additionally you can write programs using a number of programming languages, including: PureData, Supercollider, C++. You will need to connect a computer in order to program it, but you can then take it to the stage in stand-alone mode.

    Width: 12HP / 61mm
    Height: 3U / 129mm
    Depth: 43mm

I/O (1/8” jacks):
    2 audio in (AC-coupled)
    2 audio out (DC-coupled)
    4x CV in (with pots offset)
    4x CV out
    2x trigger in
    2x trigger out
    USB Device port

    4x pots (offset for CV in)
    2x button with integrated bi-color LED

    +12V: 250mA
    -12V: 50mA

    Width: 10HP / 51mm
    Height: 3U / 129mm
    Depth: 15mm

I/O (1/8” jacks):
    4xCV in
    4xCV out
    2x trigger in
    2x trigger out
    2x button with integrated bi-color LED
    USB host port

    4x pots (offset for CV in)
    2x button with integrated bi-color LED

    +12V: 40mA
    -12V: 40mA  /
Anyone bought one of these?
Yes, waiting due to over demand.

Sorry no user experience yet.
More like a terminal tedium perhaps, but possibly with faster PD due to Bela's secret sauce for low latency
This is cool, but why is it so expensive? The price is totally ridiculous. 550$ for a 10HP module just seems super steep. I know reprogramming is a big deal, but why wouldn't you want a sound computer or something else for that price. And it doesn't even seem to include the bela board. It just seems like they could have made this for 1/4 the price.
Neo wrote:
Anyone bought one of these?

Just came in. It's peanut butter jelly time!
"Salt was a limited edition product." "...We produced 30 units.."

Holy crap that's not many.
Since there are only 30 of these units worldwide, it looks like this eurorack post will be a lonely one. I'll forge ahead with my custom programmed plans and give updates now and then.

I'm not sure of the protocol around this but if anyone has a Salt module that they're interested in selling, please let me know.

I'm interested to hear how you get on with it Koryo.
Which language do you intend to programme it with?

Fyi if you missed out on the run the Nebulae 2 can also load csound/ pd patches. I dont usually like to point to competing modules on the main thread for a module but it sounds like the run was quite limited so hopefully no harm done.
Fortunately, there's also the Terminal Tedium and the OWL Modular for those who want to do similar things.
Or Norns from Monome

Or build your own - amazing how cheap and capabable these are now

youll need a RPi3, small touchscreen, other bits and bobs - about $250ish in parts. Then you can run max, PD, supercollider
There is also the Axoloti which has its own OS but you can make modules of your own (there is a rather large community do so) and things like Rings and Clouds have already been ported over. You do have to add a bunch of circuitry to make a module with CV inputs but that also has been done (the Euroloti module). Only $80.

Thanks for all the suggestions but I'm specifically interested in the Salt because of the Bela board's sub 1 sample latency. I'd like to explore it as a potential development platform for a project I've been developing over the last while.

It is quite encouraging to see the proliferation of these kinds of devices though.

For me, the more appealing feature in the Salt/Bela is that the analog inputs can run at the audio rate. So the modulations can be extreme. I use supercollider, and it is very inspiring to have an audio rate refreshment of the cv ins. I couldn't do the same with the rasp or stm32 families, and the modules that can do it are In the other hand, the struggle is to tackle the damn CPU spikes and have clean power lines.
if you don't mind DIY, you could look at putting a Bela or BelaMini behind a Eurorack panel...

This is how I made the BelaMini into a module for the AE Modular.

I did it for the AEM, as I jumped on the Salt when it was released... and wanted something simlar for the AEM smile

its easier doing if the the AEM if your not fixed on Eurorack, as its 0..5v, like the Bela, so you only have to do a bit of messing about with the audio output.
didnt see this reported much....
but at Superbooth - there was Eurorack news for Bela smile

a) Bela Pepper
a passive/cheaper Eurorack interface thats DIY.

b) Bela Salt
a new batch of Bela Salt available for pre-order
I really like my salt, Ive used it in lots of different ways...

Bela pepper looks great, a cheap way to interface bela with eurorack, and really handy.
has a few limitations (compared to Salt) , particularly voltage ranges/lacks usb - but still really useful.
I'll get one smile

more details here
I came here to say this. I got an announcement email this morning with a pointer to the pre-order page:
so finished building 2 peppers today smile

compared to other kit builds I've done for Eurorack, its pretty straightforward as there's a good amount of space on the board. so id say, even if you're new to DIY its quite a simple project.

Im now going to convert a whole bunch of things Ive been running on my Salt, shouldn't be too difficult, as Ive tended not to hard code the voltage ranges which is the main difference.
I've got a mixed set of uses planned for them... ranging from interfacing controllers, CV manglers, and things like digital oscillators and effects.
lots of fun over the coming weeks smile

here they are in my rack, with the attached USB connectors, waiting for some action...

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