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Stuck: MIDI notes hanging on (no release)
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Author Stuck: MIDI notes hanging on (no release)
Hi all,

I'm trying to control a few different bits of kit through MIDI, and I keep getting 'stuck' MIDI notes. ie: I'll play on a MIDI keyboard, and if things get a little polyphonic/busy, a note will stick and keep ringing out (no release). I have to then change a patch or voice on the synth to cut (release) the note.

My setup is as follows:

Arturia Keystep -> MIDI over USB -> Ableton Live
-> CV to Eurorack

Ableton Live -> USB to MIDI Cable -> KENTON MIDI Thru 5 -> Hard Synths

-> Korg MS2000
-> Roland JP08
-> Roland JU06
-> Yamah TX7

I have a feeling it's probably the USB to MIDI cable (it was a cheap solution at the time), but I see these being sold and used often. I imagine that buying a more efficient USB/MIDI interface could solve this, but thought i'd ask you guys first in case to potentially save 100 squids!

Hope that all makes sense. Any comments are much appreciated.

I have two KeySteps and they both hang up over standard MIDI even with just one synth attached. I’ve never had a problem with USB to my Mac/DAW.

During a typical 2-3 hour rehearsal, one of them will lock up at least once.

Are hung notes a regular occurrence with a variety of MIDI keyboards to Analogue gear? Or is this just something that happens with the Keystep? It's not anything i've experienced before...especially not this often... It seems to happen with around 3/4 notes or more.

Truth be said, i've not experienced it to my DAW either, but it's the hardware aspect I use it for most
Get a decent MIDI interface made in the last few years. A box, not a cable.
Paranormal Patroler
Hang notes means a NoteOff was skipped. Send an AllNotesOff CC message when you have troubles to keep things rolling.
Paranormal Patroler

Is there a way of doing this specifically with the KeyStep? (lazily asking before searching the manual)
There was a bug whereby stopping a sequence from the DAW while playing the KS would mean the the note off for your key isn't sent on the right MIDI channel.

As far as I know it was fixed, but I don't use DAW with MIDI so can't test, is your KS running the latest firmware?

I don't know abut the "all notes off msg", but KS "panic mode" is to press the Stop button 3 times, quite fast
Can you replicate the issue without playing the keystep? Try recording a bunch of midi into ableton and then cause the issue just by pressing play on ableton. That might help you narrow down if it's keystep specific or the usb to midi cable dropping events.

if you can cause the issue without the keystep, replace the USB to MIDI. I had to do this not too long ago and bought an iconnectivity box. It solved the issue perfectly.
Paranormal Patroler
RJBooty wrote:
Paranormal Patroler

Is there a way of doing this specifically with the KeyStep? (lazily asking before searching the manual)

No idea, you'll have to read the manual.
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