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VCS3 as audio processor
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Author VCS3 as audio processor
Hello all. I’ve recently become quite fortunate as I’ve entered the world of VCS3. Ive read a bit about the VCS3 and it’s capabilies as an audio processor, especially in the work of Brian Eno.

1) does anyone have suggestions, ideas, sources referring to ways the VCS3 can be used to process audio?

2) Any good examples other than Brian Eno using EMS gear to modify/process audio?

Thank you!
the only thing i used on my vcs3 (before i sold it, long time ago) was the ringmod. still have an ems freq shifter. the reverb is just a small spring unit. but the filter is usefull too.
stockhausen used a synthi 100/delaware for sirius. and for his sternklang (music for a park) several players used ems synthis (eg the guys from the band intermodulation). prob not by choice but because at that time there was little else in portable synths. esp in england.
prob also used in his concerts at the osaka worldfair.

eno's patches are unducumented but for the older stuff he had a minimoog and the ems. also some guitarpedals. prob used the reverb a lot hihi
I used my VCS3 as a processor. There are many things you can do but they basically fall into a combination of these three thing:

1) Filtering. Classic filtering with the joystick or other modulation sources for changing the filter frequency. Can be subtle or not depending on the resonate settings.

2) Ring modulation - good for many things but mainly it will almost always change the pitches to a point where they don't match the inputs at all, which can be good and bad. The Ring Mod in the VCS3 and AKS are AC coupled so you can't use them as VCAs except during "movement" in the CV used. This can be cool when using a variable pulse, it will pass audio only during the rise and fall and not on the top or bottom. You can make nice rhythms by chopping the audio in this way.

3) Chopping or gating the audio in. The classic Who "Won't Get Fooled Again" has a compact organ being chopped like this. The envelope shaper running in repeat mode with the joystick controlling the release time and the filter at once, will make a very playable effect.
ring mod on drums or percussion
Eno would just set his Synthi A(KS) on an Aux send on the mixer and process all sorts of things through it according to a few interviews he did. He did the same on the Genesis album 'Lamb Lies Down...'.

Try and find the July 1981 Contemporary Keyboard. It has a few clues. He is on the cover w/ Synthi, Mini, Re-201.

The RM and VCF are the obvious and best processors from my recollection. The VCF could do some good Mutron style squaks on bass. I used to run cheap Casio keyboards like an MT-140 through the AKS for some much needed mojo.
The audio inputs are great for adding a bit of grit, or can distort.
Also, try miking the speaker.
With these two methods, plus the aforementioned ring-mod, reverb, filtering and gating, the VCS3 becomes a really nice audio processor.
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