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silent way stupid question
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Author silent way stupid question

Just trying to get my head around the step lfo and not getting too far.

A really stupid question - a few times in the manual it says "it operates as a stereo and mono plug-in". How do I select this ? Is it as obvious as just panning the ableton track to the left ?

In Live it will always be a stereo plugin. If you only want one channel, just ignore the other.
thanks os - i did say it was a stupid question. i guess i was struggling generally so wanted the basic thing asked first

as an experiment, i have setup a real basic track.

SW Step LFO is on the to ES-3 track.

ES-3 channel 3 is patched into the 1v/oct of a spectrum osc.

The spectrum out is patched into the ES-6 through a VCA and then monitored in Ableton on the from ES-6 track. As you can see, I'm receiving the wave from the OSC fine.

What I want is for there to be no sound until i send a step from the step LFO

I'm assuming i need to have the ES-3 sending 0v to the VCA but not sure how.


Actually, having typed all that, I may have it working. razz

Making the right channel on the Step LFO unipolar, I patched the ES-3 channel-4 to the CV-in of the VCA.

Now, I can use the Left Channel on the Step LFO for the actual pitch and the Right Channel on the Step LFO to open the VCA. hyper

I guess that's correct as it works!

Just wondered if that's the way it should work ?

That's certainly one way of doing it, yes. If it works, it works smile

i look forward to discovering the other ways!!
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