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LZX Visual Cortex has no CV?
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Author LZX Visual Cortex has no CV?
Apologies for the super basic question. I do euro audio and I'm trying to get my head around the video stuff. As far as I can tell there's no CV control on the LZX Visual Cortex. Is that right? My interest is in modulating video from my audio rack. Looks like I'd need additional modules to be able to do that?
There definitely is some cv control and a clock/trigger input on the Cortex.
Grab the manual and look at suggested patches from the LZX site.

Cortex can be used on its own and it will play nicely with eurorack audio modules - but their voltage levels ideally need to be attenuated down to LZX 1V standard, though it is not essential in every case.

I mix up LZX and euro quite a bit and there are many posts in this forum showing that and also explaining syncing and oscillator rate differences between audio and video.
Thanks much appreciated. I'll dig into the manual.
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