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Metabolic Devices - Coherence
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Author Metabolic Devices - Coherence
I can see at least a couple ways to integrate Coherence into ones process.


Hainbach is (currently) placing it at the heart of a small modular system beside the Noisering and leaning on it as a primary engine for patches, a bit like the much more regimental and programmatic TinRS Tuesday module. Endlessly variable “order from chaos”. Cool.


In a larger system context (my context), I think what intrigues me is the value Coherence might offer as an omnipresent resource. For example, I tend to keep multiple clock dividers and Just Friends banging away in every patch (provided I don’t have a specific job for them) because they’re so handy and patch-ready. Coherence looks like it might be handy, too, although I would expect that the input voltages would have to be carefully chosen on a patch-by-patch basis if you want Coherence’s outputs to maintain a tight relationship with whatever else you’ve got going on. Not “order from chaos” by “derived complexity”.

What gives me pause about Coherence—as it is not a casual purchase—is that it’s pretty gate-heavy, and I happen to be in much greater need of related fluctuating voltages than related gates. I might be more personally compelled by Coherence if it offered an array of simultaneous voltage outs, rather than just one with the six switched modes. (Although I get the performative function of the buttons, too.) Hmm.

I sure love the concept, regardless.


Two recent modules to contrast with Coherence:

Joranalogue Compare 2 (comparator-based, like Coherence, but simpler; gate centric)

WORNG Vector Space (three fluctuating cv inputs produces 17 fluctuating outputs; no gates)

(note that you could get both these modules for about the same cost as Coherence, although I do not mean to imply equivalence: there are many many differences here)
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