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some guys prefer a smaller rack
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Author some guys prefer a smaller rack
Idk Probly
should a small rack be based around one module?

I'm slowly building a modest little noise-pop system. if all goes as planned, it should look something like this: Moog DFAM, MN 0 Coast, MFB Tanzbar, Bastl Softpop, assorted Volcas, Dwarfcraft Happiness, RML Electron Fuzz... maybe even an Ekdahl Moisturizer if I get crazy.

Assuming that I'm well aware that I "won't be satisfied with a small system" and I would be "better off getting a larger rack" and I'm "really going to need more VCOs, VCFs, VCAs etc.", let's just say for the sake of budget/space/desire for simplicity that for now, I'm really only interested in the E950 Circuit Bent VCO module to augment my semi-modular stuff with sweet Speak and Spell sounds. maybe add Pamela's Workout? some kind of filter, some kind of VCA, maybe the Looping Expander made for the E950 as well? Just lunchbox sized, and that's it for now.

Just hesitant to get too deep into Eurorack stuff while I have all this other external hardware. If I knew some other way to get the good robot talking voice thing, (Flame Talking Synth?) I would consider that as well.

basically im just wondering, if a person was going this route, whats the bare minimum he needs to get it going?
Beginning of the end. smile
Not meaning to plug, but check out the setup I use in my YouTube channel. Specifically, the Moog 3 tier rack. It's 2 M32s, Maths, Veils, AJH VCO and AJH DH-ADSR, and with it I can do a huge amount of monosynth sounds, SFX, drones, pads, you name it (my videos concentrate on the self-generating abilities). In comparison to most setups, it's tiny, but I designed it so well that I had trouble deciding what the first module in my second case would be because I wasn't in huge need of any 1 module!

It's a great cohesive instrument and a good example of getting a lot from a few modules.
Not sure if the Moog DFAM is justifiable in a "modest rack". It's 60HP for a drum voice and sequencer. You could easily fit a Malekko varigate4+, a range of 2HP kick, drum, snare, 4 channel mixer modules and still have 40HP to spare. Maybe throw in a Basimilus Itertas Alter, Dinky's Taiko, Pico Drum modules and some LFOs, clock dividers and multipliers and you're set for pretty much any drums you need.

I liked the Moog Mother 32 for how feature complete it is as a semi-modular synth but 60HP for a drum machine/sequencer seems really hard to justify.

EDIT: You might also want to look into low pass gates (I recommend the Make Noise LXD for cost and size. )and VCAs. If you plan on adding VCOs etc the magic of modular is that you can turn anything into a percussive sound.
don't worry, you'll end up selling most of your gear to fund modules... you'll need a bigger case eventually.

plus it's not the size of your rack, it's how you use it. Chicken
I've played a lot of wall'o knobs instruments over the years, and decided that now that I'm on my own dime, something more petite is appropriate. Since I'll always have a laptop running Max/MSP in my setup, I can leave the complex patterns and backing tracks to that, and use the synthesizer as a lead instrument. I'll be playing it with a WX5 or a QuNexus as well as various homebrew contraptions.

The TipTop Mantis looked like the ideal size to me- 6U with 208hp. I'm starting with a couple of gnarly sources (Braids, FMVDO) a lot of LFOs and ADSRs and a couple of filters. The rest is TBD, and will likely be DIY*. I just put together an output mixer and amplifiers are at the top of the list.

First event is this weekend-- it's just a meetup, but it will break the system in. I'll get back about how it goes.

*Help me before I acronym again!!
There is nothing wrong with having a small system. Especially if you have a lot of other gear.

Have you considered a (standalone) vocoder to get your robot voice going?
Idk Probly
standalone vocoder is an interesting idea, I had not thought of that...but I kinda wanted to get away from it being my voice/my words with the Roger troutman effect. From what I've seen of the E950 and the Flame talking synth, I think they just kinda blip-dwerp-weeble around independently, and I like that. Does anything standalone do that?
also love the benjolin-rungler-type sound, bastl kastle gnarly shit. so I've got my heart set on the Softpop. I just love the sound of it.

and I whole-heartedly agree about the DFAM being impractical in a modest rack, as a "drum voice". I bought one because "Moog is making drum stuff?" and I could afford it, it seemed a brasher, funkier, ballsier alternative to the Mother. I thought I'd be making beats on the thing, but they're right, it's not a drum machine at all, the layout is kinda weird and using it for drum sounds would be labor-intensive. That said, it really is a hell of a fun synth to make crazy sounds with. So, for my drums, I'm hoping to get the Tanzbar (if I can find one) or something comparable, a straight up, solid, chaselight analog box without too many bells and whistles to break the bank.

maybe I shouldn't have put this in the modular thread, since I'm just talking about standalone stuff. maybe modular isn't for me, but it sure seems like some modules do "weird" better than any standalone hardware does. can anybody make any recommendations, based on the above?

and thanks for all the suggestions, will check all that out.
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