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[BUILD] MFOS VC LFO, euro SMT version
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Author [BUILD] MFOS VC LFO, euro SMT version
we acquired music from outer space in 2016 in order to carry on the great work of ray wilson-- and we are proud to announce the second in the series of ten new mfos eurorack modules, the classic vc lfo!

we've taken ray's classic vc lfo design and brought it up to date for eurorack:

- conversion to DIY-friendly SMT design for most pcb parts

- retained certain through-hole parts to help maintain that classic analog richness (styrene cap, tempco resistor, et al)

- aluminum panels in a beautiful new design aesthetic by grayscale, 10hp wide

- 'either way' eurorack power circuitry (by neutron sound) to eliminate the risk of cable reversing- no blown ICs!

- all pcb-mounted panel components- pots, jacks, leds and switches-- no hand wiring!

if you are relatively new to modular synthesis, this would be a great choice!

- there is a lot of documentation about the construction, calibration, testing and operation of this module, including the legacy VCO, of which thousands have been made

- it's designed to be DIY-friendly with 'large' SMT parts (SOIC, 0805 and 1206 packages)

- it's foundational for a full modular synth rig, with the other forthcoming MFOS eurorack modules to create a cohesive, classic analog synth in 84hp or 104hp

- the vc lfo functions are 'foundational'-- learn the capabilities of 'basic' vc lfo functions like pulse width modulation, frequency modulation, voltage control coarse and fine frequency tuning, nuances between the sub-audible and audible sounds created by sine, square, saw and triangle waves, et al

if you're still intimidated by DIY SMT soldering, we'll offer the pcbs, bundles and kits with SMT parts pre-soldered for you.

this thread can be used for build questions, examples, modifications, suggestions etc-- enjoy!

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