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Analogue Shift Register: Uses for logic and control?
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Author Analogue Shift Register: Uses for logic and control?
Hi Everyone -- I'm planning on picking up an ASR (actually an Intellijel Shifty). All of the demos and discussions I've found emphasize the use of it for things like hocket, canon, chords, etc. But I would think a device like this would also have interesting applications in logic and control situations. Does anyone have any tips or patch examples which use an ASR, or the unique voice allocation mode of Shifty, in that way? Thanks...
I don't know the Shity, but think of an ASR in terms of memory, e.g. you have access to the last three events.

One example I trundle out for ASRs is dougcl's dynamics patch. I can't find the link on my computer, only have the text, but I'm sure Google will help. There are other contributors in the thread:

Feed a CV into the ASR. Send the first ASR output to an A-138 mixer. Send the second ASR output to a voltage inverter and then to the same A-138. The A-138 output will be the difference between the two most recent samples. If the CV input to the ASR is increasing, the A-138 output will be positive and will depend on how quickly the CV is increasing. If the CV is decreasing, the A-138 output will be negative and depend on the rate of decrease. If the CV is not changing then the A-138 out will be zero.
Add a comparator and you have a slope detector!

Here's an idea stolen from Stretta's Buchla vid where he sends a S&H to the A-137 wave multiplier.

Trigger the ASR with an LFO. Use a second LFO at audio rate for the ASR input. Now take the four outputs to the A-137 wave multiplier. Feed the A-137 a sine.

It's kind of like using the ASR as a stepped quadrature LFO. I suppose thinking of it this way, you could use it any time you might use a quadrature LFO. Cool stuff.

Yes! Bipolar mixing of the outputs yields fun results. Especially if you also mix them back in with the source being sampled (Use output 1 as your final CV and mix outputs 2-4 together with your sample source in the 138c and feed that mixer output to the M23 sample input.

Don't forget, an ASR or S&H can sample gates, or on-off values, too.
Thanks Navs, that’s exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. It also seems like an ASR could be useful for setting up simple Markov-chain-like systems, although I need to think about that one a bit more.
I like to think of my Shifty (not an "A"SR, BTW) as the bastard lovechild of a sample & hold and sequential switch. Once you think in those terms other possibilities start to open up. Something I've started to wiggle with lately is mixing a bunch of envelopes' EOC triggers into the gate in, and using the gate outs to fire those envelopes. Interesting stuff if you're modulating cycle times and have Shifty on random. This is fun!
Tooting my own horn here, but my VCV shift register has a second channel intended to be a dedicated logic/gate channel. There isn't really a voice allocation mode like shifty (something to consider), but it can produce similar effects with modulation. Might be interesting to some people!
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