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Baby Synth
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Author Baby Synth
I got tired of toting the EP360 case up and down my friends studio stairs. So I built a tiny synth. Eventually I may squeeze in more function with smaller modules. I just use parts I had laying about for now.

Post your tiny rig!

Awww... babby synth. So cute! Lotsa Love
Something's wrong with the baby..... added some mods. Still some room on the case, any suggestions?

I forgot to add, the echo will be replaced with a disting mk4 as soon as I can get one. Also I am going to mount a standard midi port on the side for the sv1.
Very nice the tiles add-ons on the side!!
The 3rd pic is a 1/4in TS out I added. I don't like relying on special cables when in a session with other musicians. 1/4in patches are always available, 3.5mm to 1/4in cables are hard to find and often short.
I find myself needing external mixers to bypass the internal routing on the SV1. I need to add mixers, EGs and AMPs.

I'm interested in the Syinsi filter. Anyone have one? Comments?
Love how you put rails in the side! Now put more in the other side and on the back and stick it on a lazy Susanne applause
Actually there are no rails. The modules are screwed in to the wood. It's a tight fit, plus there is a spring reverb tank in there.
Added more stuff

I want to add a second Disting to the bottom but then I wont be able to stand it up anymore. hmmm.....

The Midi ports are SV-1 in/thru and Disting in/out

Though the SV-1 MIDI port isn't working. I'll have to take it apart again and see where my bad soldering is.
It's becoming a veritable swiss-army knife of functionality, and so portable.. Love it!
Sort of cheating because I'm running the OP-1 into the Morphagene but:

Nice tiny synth setup!
big little at work

You forgot to change baby's diaper! lol lol
That little synth makes me change my diaper. So much fun.
Buttons ARE toys
I always love seeing what people do with tiny cases like these. Nice job with the 1u stuff on the side!

What do you think you'd do with the rest of the bottom row if you were to take out the KB-1?
I don't think I would take the KB-1 out. It's my grab and go synth. All I need is a sack of cables, no outboard gear.

I'm thinking about adding another Disting 4 to the front.
Man that's super pretty.

On the top is PGH Bender, Double Helix, Mod Tools, and KB1, IJ passive mult and uFilter.

On the front is Erica Pico Trigger, and 2 Drums plus a USB port routed to the programmer on the bottom Drum.

Left side is an IJ output tile and a PGH mixer.

Right side is PL Cyclical Skew, Slew, and VCA. Erica Pico DSP and 2 MODs.

The top has a break out patch bay for the tuner and scope. There are 2 ports for the tuner between a selection switch. There is a PGH Midi 3, an integrated Snark (powered by the 5v rail through a regulator to 3.3v), a Handel, and a tiny oscilloscope (powered by the 5v rail).

I'll be damned if I can cram anything else on it.

Beauty is I'm still at 2/3 the power rating so I don't anticipate any power issues.
Tough crowd.
strangegravity wrote:

I'll be damned if I can cram anything else on it.

Add a removable lid and cram a bunch of stuff in there!
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